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The English language is tantalizing and fascinating in equal measure. Whether you are a dyed in the wool writer or just visiting an English speaking country for the first time, it cannot hurt to learn even better ways of expressing yourself. In helping you we have compiled this exhaustive list of the top ten best selling synonyms & antonyms reference books. Never mix up your words by keeping whichever is most suitable of these reference books handy. The books are so well written they will prove useful for both native speakers and those just learning to use the English language for the first time.

10. Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms

Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Synonyms

As it turns out, this is one of the little known reference books dedicated to English etymology but it is nonetheless one of the most useful in this respect. Written Mike Bundlie, a dedicated scholar with highly respected pedigree in English grammar and linguistics, you could not find a better companion for your publishing career. Other than providing you with the straight synonyms for common words, the guide includes relates w0rds, those with very similar meanings and which could be substituted in your text to make it less tedious but nonetheless just as illuminating.

9. What’s Up?: A Guide to American Collegespeak: Slang & Idioms for TOEFL Students)

A Guide to American Collegespeak

If you find English a hard language to master, this essential book will guide you through all the language’s idiosyncrasies, illogical combinations and taciturn phrases. Finally learn to speak the foremost language as the natives and, where possible, go one better by upending them at their own game. It is the essential book you need to keep in your locker to make it easy your integration to American college life.

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8. Writer’s Digest Flip Dictionary

The Writer's Digest Flip Dictionary For When You Know What You Want to Say But Can't Fing the Word

This is yet another tryst by the authoritative Writer’s Digest to offer a consistent reference book for some common (as well as some not so common) English synonyms and antonyms. Written by the well respected author Barbara Ann Kipfer, the Writer’s Digest Flip Dictionary offers useful tools for authors, creative writers as well as speech writers. It offers much more than your average reverse dictionary by including dozens of charts and tables which help enrich your understanding of the English language. Indeed, the book is so versatile that many crossword puzzle enthusiasts are finding it an invaluable tool for daily use.

7. The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms

The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms

Available in both hardcover and Kindle edition formats, this is a reference book you need to keep close at hand if you have a liking for the sensual and intimate. For the first time ever, a very dedicated and discerning author has put in time and effort to compile the most comprehensive collection of the fascinating and often raunchy inventory of English sexual euphemisms. The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms is at once an unabashed, hilarious, at oftentimes shocking collection of all sexual euphemisms you’ve ever heard as well as even more you haven’t got a clue exist.

6. Thesaurus of Alternatives to Worn-Out Words and Phrases

Thesaurus of Alternatives to Worn-out Words and Phrases

The English language is replete with many unwritten rules. There are, for instance, some perfect English words you are not supposed to use in normal language or writing. This is not because these words are rude or taboo, but because they have become so much used over and over again that when you use them, you come out as trying too hard to sound well informed. These worn-out words and phrases are known as clichés and this is a book which helps you navigate around these diction time bombs. This reference tome offers you perfectly acceptable alternatives to these worn-out and overused words, guiding you instead to alternatives which will help you sound sophisticated, well informed and polite.

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5. Bryson’s Dictionary of Troublesome Words, Kindle Edition

Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words, Kindle Edition

Sit back and relax as you delve into one of English language’s most well informed writer’s best creation. Bryson is a celebrated writer with an uncanny sense of humor and his incisive look at the meaning of some of English’s more troublesome words is a gift worth bequeathing to anyone with a curiosity about linguistics. Once you go through this book, you will find very common words to have very interesting meanings. Moreover, you will never run out of anecdotes to make conversations at parties engrossing.

4. Ultimate Visual Dictionary, First Paperback Edition

Ultimate Visual Dictionary

The runaway popular Ultimate Visual Dictionary is now available in Paperback. It is the book you need to have close at hand if you have a liking for the unusual including technology, geek-speak or the gobbledygook that is a preserve of scientists, astronauts or tree-huggers. Every sort of thingamajig, doohickey and gadget visually defined and explained from a unique perspective that will leave the leader better informed as well as entertained. There are well over 33,000 terms and objects defined well and explained with relevant annotations. Order this book to offer someone a gift that will have a truly special meaning in their lives.

3. Reader’s Digest Illustrated Reverse Dictionary Paperback

Reader's Digest Illustrated Reverse Dictionary Paperback

If you are an avid reader of the Reader’s Digest, you will enjoy this comprehensive book which covers the English language from a perspective that is all novel and unmatched in the publishing industry. With well over 400,000 words covered in 70,000 plus main entries, you are al set to master the most ubiquitous tongue in the world. It is exactly the sort of book you need to have close at hand when you have a general idea of the word or phrase you want to use but have no recollection what that is. In such a case all you have to do is look up the meaning and the word or phrase will be provided in the guide.

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2. The Synonym Finder Revised Edition

The Synonym Finder

Available in hardcover, paperback and electronic editions, this is a synonym reference book which will prove a great gift idea for all occasions. Indeed, the book is so comprehensive in coverage that it can essentially be considered to be a thesaurus in dictionary form. While the reference book does not offer the same comprehensive definition of words or pronunciation guides that you would expect in a conventional dictionary, it provides an exhaustive coverage of English vocabulary. All the words in the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order and alongside each is a comprehensive list of synonyms. What is more, clarifications whether any of the corresponding synonyms and antonyms are considered “slang”, “informal” or “archaic” is provided. For a student or writer looking for a handy reference for word alternatives, there is no better resource than the Synonym Finder Revised Edition

1. What Are Those Crazy Americans Saying? An Easy Way to Understand Thousands of American Expressions 3rd Edition

An Easy Way to Understand Thousands of American Expressions 3rd Edition

This is the perfect synonyms and antonyms reference book for someone moving in to the States for the first time and struggling to understand the Americans’ use of English words in idiomatic expressions and slang as well as other unusual uses of other idiosyncratic American words words, whether these are used singly or in combination with others. The book is made of 479 pages and is replete with all manner of idioms, synonyms and antonyms to get you speaking Americanese, whether English is your first or secondary language. The words and phrases are arranged in easy alphabetical order and include numerous cross references, footnotes and diction tips, enough to make it essential reading for someone moving over to the United States or who will be dealing with Americans on a regular basis.

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