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Top satisfy the demand for loud music in homes, stereo systems have grown bigger and more powerful that they were before. Unfortunately, because the space in homes continue to dwindle as individuals migrate from the suburbs to town centers, most models have become virtually worthless considering the dwindling sale in most stores. Most people prefer smaller shelf systems because of their space efficiency and the powerful stereo and speaker systems that they receive on a budget. If you are part of this statistic and looking to replace your old model, 2017 has come with several innovative shelf systems with the 10 listed herein ranking among the best. They are powerful, durable, and have stylish designs that blend well in homes and offices.

10. Sony All in One

Sony All in One 700W Hi-Fi Shelf System with Bluetooth & NFC (near-field communication), CD Player, FM Radio, USB & Aux Inputs, EQ & Bass Boost + Remote Control + Aux Cable + HeroFiber Cleaning Cloth

To quench their thirst for entertainment, many individuals buy FM radios, CD players, and even home theater systems that they use at various times. While this acceptable, the propensity of several independent devices to clutter homes is a challenging endeavor for individuals with space limitations. This Sony All in One stereo shelf system solves this problem. Even though compact, the FM radio, CD player, and AUX and USB ports bundled in its system improve how individuals entertain. Speakers are durable and fitted with a Bass Boost technology that improves sound output, while the NFC and Bluetooth connection technologies offered support streaming music from phone and other smart devices. With this 700-watt stereo system, buyers also get a free full remote control for easier operation, a high fidelity antenna, and a HeroFiber cleaning cloth for maintenance.

9. GPX HC425B

GPX HC425B Stereo Home Music System with CD Player & AM- FM Tuner, Remote Control

Combining power and crisp sound output in a compact and affordable package, GPX HC425B has improved how people entertain. Whether you enjoy listening to FM or AM stations or listening to your collection of classic CDs occasionally, the value it delivers is notable. You get 20 AM and 20 FM station memory presets, for instance. Its durable and aesthetic body has a white backlight LCD display with a digital clock and a sleep timer, while its built-in AC cable is not only durable but also safe to use in most settings. Other convenient features are its easy to use top-loading CD player, advanced two-channel sound system, and built-in antennas that save space further.

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8. Yamaha MCR-B020BL

Yamaha MCR-B020BL Micro Component System

Recommended for use in space-limited setting, Yamaha MCR-B020BL not only looks good but also performs better than some larger and hyped models in stores. This, in part, is because of its quality construction, premium components, and the advanced technologies used in its production. With one, for instance, you get a powerful CD player and a built-in FM and AM radio that does not crackle whilst in use. The wireless Bluetooth adapter built into its system supports wireless streaming and its front-mounted AUX port designed to work with most non-Bluetooth components such as music players. Finally, you get a high-speed USB port for charging mobile phones, a full remote for hands-free operation, and large volume speakers with 3-7/8-inch drivers for deep bass.

7. Panasonic SC-AKX18

Panasonic MAX DJ Jukebox Sound System SC-AKX18 (Black) Bluetooth and USB Music Play, Smartphone Control

A popular MAX DJ Jukebox, Panasonic SC-AKX18 is a premium sound system (in black) that supports smartphone control, USB music play, and Bluetooth music play. Even though compact and therefore ideal for use on compact shelves, the quality 6.3-inch subwoofers it comes with deliver an immersive music-listening experience in all settings. Media playback ports (USB, for instance) are fast and reliable, while its sturdy and well-constructed body not only lasts long but also produces powerful fidelity sound with resonating bass. With the free MAX JUKE application, you can even mix music, control DJ effects, and share playlists with friends directly from your smartphone.

6. Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo

Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo Sound System with MP3 CD Player, FM Radio Tuner, 20 Preset Stations, Alarm Clock, Sleep Timer, 5 Band Equalizer, Bass Boost, USB & AUX Input, Wireless Remote Control

Perfect for use in dorms, offices, and homes of all sizes, Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo is a popular CD MP3 player that also has a sensitive FM radio tuner, a sleep timer, and an alarm clock. Even though smaller than comparable products in this niche, sound output is unmatched courtesy of its advanced Bass Boost technology. AUX and USB inputs work well with most types of devices, while its programmable preset stations enable you to customize its performance to suit your needs. Because Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo has a remote control, buyers also enjoy the wireless freedom that it offers when listening to CDs or streaming music from MP3 players.

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5. LG Electronics CM4550

LG Electronics CM4550 700W 2.1 Channel Mini Shelf System (2015 Model)

LG Electronics CM4550 is a powerful 700-watt mini shelf system (stereo) with a versatile 2.1 channel design. Streaming from and charging smartphones and tablets are simple courtesy of its dual high-speed USB ports. Power output is also admirable, while its reliable Bluetooth adapter supports wireless audio streaming from compatible devices. If you are old school and depend on CDs for entertainment, LG Electronics CM4550 will also benefit you. Its advanced CD player delivers crisp sound even from old CDs.

4. Sony MHCEC709iP

Sony MHCEC709iP Mini Hi-Fi Shelf System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

In our top 10 best stereo shelf systems reviewed 2017; Sony MHCEC709iP is a valuable product with a durable mini hi-fi design that performs well. Even though discontinued, the positive attention it continues to attract mirrors the value of the product individuals get. For a few dollars, for instance, you get a durable CD player (single disk) that play MP3 audio files in CD-R and CD-RW disks. Its bass reflex speaker system (two-way) produces crisp room-filling sound, while its compatibility with computers, iPhone, iPod, and other smart devices is admirable. Sony MHCEC709iP has a power output of 360-watts (RMS) and a stylish plastic body that blends well in homes.

3. Sony CMTSBT100

Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System with Bluetooth and NFC

Sony CMTSBT100 is an NFC and Bluetooth-ready micro music system with a classic high-performance design. Even though its space efficiency and affordability appeal to most individuals, the powerful and dynamic sound it produces is one of its strengths. Its support for Apt-X, AAC, and Bluetooth audio streaming diversifies entertainment options for individuals while its power efficient 50-watt output benefits those conscious about their spending or the environment. Sony CMTSBT100 has an AM/FM tuner, a built-in S-Master amplifier, and dual bass reflex speakers (two-way) that better sound quality further.

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2. Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000

Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 Classic Retro Bluetooth Stereo System with CD Player, FM Radio, Aux-In, and Headphone Jack, Black and Silver

Are you tired of the bulky and boring media station that you purchased years ago? To enjoy quality sound without cluttering space or spending a lot of money, Innovative Technology ITCDS-5000 is a recommended classic stereo with a plethora of admirable attributes. Featuring a CD player, a Bluetooth adapter, an FM radio, a headphone jack, and an AUX port, the entertainment options of individuals are diverse. Its classic silver theme is eye-catching, while its brushed aluminum knobs (for balance, treble, and bass) improve its charm.

1. Panasonic SC-HC39

Panasonic Micro Home Audio Sound System SC-HC39 (Metallic Silver) Bluetooth Music Play, Stylish Design

This stylish micro home stereo system tops our list. Featuring a durable metallic body (silver) and a compact high-performance design that works well in tight spaces it is ideal for home and commercial use. Music play is smooth and enjoyable, while its advanced LincsD-amp amplifier betters sound projection and quality further. Apart from CDs, you can also play music directly from phones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection.

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