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Considered among the best accessories for soothing body pain, improving blood circulation, and inducing restful sleep without using medication, magnetic therapy plays a significant role on the wellness of most individuals. They are also easier to use than most comparable remedies and are readily available in reputable stores such as Amazon at pocket-friendly rates. If you have used numerous remedies with poor results and are considering magnetic therapy, we have highlighted the 10 best retailing for 50-100 dollars.

10. Magnetic Meridians Body Massager

Magnetic Meridians Massage Body Heal Relaxation Therapy Massager

To spur relaxation and body healing at the comfort of your home without spending premium amounts of money, Magnetic Meridians is a recommended body massager that works wonders. Designed to produce trigeminal magnetic fields whilst in use, it promotes better lymphatic drainage. It also relieves muscle tension well and has a special ability to accelerate blood circulation, which betters the health of individuals further. This tool is very easy to use, recommended for both men and women or most age groups, and has an affordable and self-sufficient design that serve users well for many years.

9. Magnetic Therapy Pillow Pad

Magnetic Therapy Pillow Pad

In the magnetic therapy niche, pillow pads are among the most recommended for individuals of all cadres mainly because of their versatility and effectiveness. With a premium one such as this quilted Magnetic Therapy one, you get a top rated 32-magnet accessory that works well on the back, arm, neck, and even feet. Its quilted design is comfortable and designed to withstand abuse well. It is also portable, works well on all types of surfaces including blankets, beds, and chairs, and has a large design that guarantees better placement no matter the area of the body that you are looking to soothe.

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8. Magic Guardian Angel Hand Massager

Magic Guardian Angel 24k Solid Gold Plated Needleless Acupressure Hand Massager Magnetic Therapy

Specially designed for soothing the hands, Magic Guardian Angel a premium magnetic therapy massager with a solid gold-plated body (24k) that soothes the body well without depending on medication. It is durable, has an advanced system that combines oriental medicine techniques such as acupuncture and magnetic therapy, and has a unique shape with approximately 300 contact points that soothe pain and ease muscle tension well. It also relieves muscle stress, improves blood circulation, and comes with a free hand chart that guides users on how to use it as a professional. You will never regret adding it to your arsenal or wellness accessories.

7. Promagnet Magnetic Back Wrap

Promagnet Magnetic Back Wrap 25 Magnets (range up to 12,300 Gauss ea) Made in USA

Do you grapple with debilitating back pain after intense activity? To better your situation without depending on analgesics, Promagnet is an advanced USA-made magnetic back wrap that can come in handy. Light, easy to use, and fitted with 25 neodymium magnets (deep penetrating) that generate up to 12,300 Gauss, the value that it offers is admirable. The micro mesh fabric used to make it breathes well to keep the body as cool as possible while its low profile design fits comfortably under clothing. Apart from using it at home, therefore, you can also exploit its flexible design to promote wellness at work or when travelling. You do not have to worry about it irritating you and or compromising your health over the years.

6. ProMagnet Spot Therapy Magnets

 ProMagnet Magnetic Therapy Spot Therapy Magnets 13,000 Gauss - Made in USA

Unlike the Promagnet back strap that works specifically on the back and abdominal areas, these spot therapy magnets (North oriented neodymium) allows you to cover larger areas without compromising their performance. Rated to generate approximately 13,500 Gauss, each magnet is powerful and have deep penetrating attributes that soothe muscles better than most low powered models. The waterproof shell and tough back on nylon that all magnets come with ease setup on the body while their suitability for use on the back, neck, elbows, feet, and knees make them ideal all-in-one accessories for magnetic therapy. With each package, you get two large magnets, two small magnets, and 10 adhesive pads that you can use as needed.

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5. Promagnet Magnetic Power Pad (with Body Wrap)

Promagnet Magnetic Power Pad w- Body Wrap - High-Powered Neodymium Magnets (13,000 gauss per magnet) Made in USA

Featuring high-powered neodymium magnets that generate approximately 13,000 Gauss each, this magnetic power pad from Promagnet is a valuable USA-made accessory that manages severe discomfort well. All magnets are durable, fixed, and have deep penetrating designs that work well for years. The comfortable body wrap buyers get has a lightweight and breathable design that works well on all areas of the body. It is also flexible, recommended for all day use, and lacks invasive seams and or components that might compromise your experience over time. With each pack, you get a removable and washable cover and eight N45 neodymium magnets that work in synergy to offer the best experience.

4. Promagnet Standard Travel Pad

Promagnet Magnetic Therapy Standard Travel Pad

Recommended for individuals that spend a lot of time on the road, this standard travel pad from Promagnet is a portable magnetic therapy accessory with a feature-rich design that offers value. Proudly made in the United States using North oriented ceramic ferrite magnets (3,950 Gauss each), the soothing power that it generates is admirable. The quality damask fabric used to manufacture its backing has a non-sliding soft-quilted design that works well on most areas of the body while its spacious 24 x 36 x 3/4-inch design covers a larger area per healing session. Promagnet Standard Travel Pad is affordable and ideal for use in all environments.

3. Therion Magnetics Balance Knee Brace

Therion Magnetics Balance Magnetic Knee Brace - Medium

With Therion Magnetics knee brace, you get a comfortable and well-balanced therapeutic brace that relieves stiffness, swelling, and knee pain well. Its medium-sized design fits various knee shapes and sizes. The simple slip on design that its manufacturer has used eases wearing and removal while the targeted compression that it generates not only promotes better blood circulation but also hastens injury recovery. Perfect for outdoor use, the patented acticel fabric used to make this knee brace breathes well to prevent perspiration build-up.

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2. Therion Magnetics PC212

Therion Magnetics PC212 Magnetic Lounge - Travel Pad

Acclaimed in top 10 best magnetic therapy between $50 to $100 reviewed in 2017, Therion Magnetics PC212 is a popular magnetic travel pad with a lightweight and flexible design that conforms to the contours of the body to relax sore muscles and soothe pain. Retailing for a few dollars in stores, forget about the hefty amounts individuals pay for some inefficient yet hyped remedies. The 77 4300 Gauss magnets it comes with, on the other hand, are durable and penetrate deep muscles to better the experience of users while its large 24 x 36 x 3/4-inch design enables you to soothe large areas per session with no irritation and or chemicals.

1. Sabona Duet Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Executive Symmetry Duet Magnetic Bracelet - X-Large

Even though the 1200 Gauss magnets that this bracelet comes with are not as powerful as the neodymium models available on most magnetic pads, they are efficient and perfect for soothing localized pain in ankles and hands in general. The gold plated (18k) matte stainless steel used to make it is stylish, durable, and non-irritant and its extra-large body designed to fit most individuals comfortably. Buy an original one to get professional-grade results without spending hefty amounts of money.

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