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You must always invest in the best to get the best. This year’s top 10 best Fertilizers & Plant Food-Natural will help increase your crop weight while reducing cropping time. What other better way to increase your crop production in 2017 than using all natural fertilizers. Natural fertilizers are ideal for plant foods and present the best option for farmers who want the best out of their crops. They are ideal if you want bigger yields during the harvest period but just like other products, you must buy the very best will all the necessary ingredients. We have done the hard work for you and done the research of the top ten best fertilizers & amp; plant food-natural 2017 to help you choose one that best suits your needs. These have been tried and tested and present you with the best choice for your garden or farm. Go through them and choose one that suits your plant needs:

10. Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor x Plant Fertilizer, 1L

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Bundle Bud Ignitor Rhino Skin Bud Factor x Plant Fertilizer, 1 L

The Ignitor Rhino is a fantastic natural fertilizer if you want to boost your crop production and reaps your farming benefits. The Ignitor balances your soil pH automatically giving your plants the ideal conditions to grow. The fertilizer promotes faster and stronger flowering response ensuring your plants produce to the maximum. Easily reduce the cropping time while increasing the crop weight by using the Ignitor Rhino. It is a great option to get all the necessary nutrients to the soil and give your plant the much needed boost.

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9. Blue Gold Vibrant Floral Organic Fertilizer

Blue Gold Vibrant Floral Organic Liquid Concentrate 200+ Mineral & Nutrient Fix Disease & Mildew Reduce Pest Use Less Fertilizer Increase Bloom of Perennial & Annual More Root Growth Indoor & Outdoor

The Blue Gold is one of the best natural fertilizers to buy in 2017. It is 100% natural and one does not have to worry about adding any chemicals to the plants. The fertilizer is approved and certified by the organic programs and makes an ideal choice in 2017 if you want to go natural with your food plants. The fertilizer intensifies the growth of roots which is ideal for ingredients uptake. This increases the bloom quality and you can be assured of a high quality harvest. This is the best natural fertilizer out there if you want to increase nutrient uptake and reduce the amount of fertilizers you apply to your crops.

8. Kelp Meal Plant Fertilizer

Kelp Meal, Plant Fertilizer, USDA Certified Organic Seaweed, Hand Harvested off Maine's Seacoast (5 lbs)

The Kelp Meal is an ideal choice for boosting the growth of your plants with over 60 trace minerals. The Kelp Meal comes loaded with enzymes, amino acids and carbohydrates making it ideal for plants growth. It is an ideal natural fertilizer to get the seeds germinates faster. The Kelp meal is a certified organic USDA that has been harvested from the pristine ocean waters. It is beneficial to plants and an excellent source of micronutrients to give your plants everything they require for a proper growth. It is a must buy in 2017 if you want counter any plant nutrient deficiencies while at the same time keeping the plant safe from pesticides that cause diseases.

7. Emerald Harvest

Emerald Harvest 723944 King Kola Fertilizer, 1.9 L

The Emerald Harvest is another great choice to get your food plants growing healthy and delivering a good harvest. The King Kola will get the best of your garden. It is a powerful bloom booster that gets the job done by providing all the essential elements that your plant needs. You can use the Emerald Harvest King Kola to drive faster budding in your plants which shortens the period it takes to harvest your crops. The fertilizer also contains yield boosting nitrogen that has been derived from the hemp flour seed. It is a great choice for a natural fertilizer in 2017 than using base nutrients alone.

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6. Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice

Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo Juice Big Bud B 52 Overdrive Plant Fertilizer, 250ml

The Hobbyist Grower Bundle Voodoo juice will automatically balance your soil PH giving your crops the best conditions for growth. It is an ideal way to get your plants growing healthy and getting a bumper harvest. It is a great choice for farmers used to basic fertilizers or those simply starting out. It is 100% natural without any chemicals inside and a great pick to boost your crops with the voodoo juice.

5. ESpoma ELF40 Lawn Food

Espoma ELF40 Lawn Food, 40-Lb. - Quantity 120

The Espoma is an exceptional lawn food that comes without any phosphate and an ideal choice for a natural fertilizer in 2017. The Espoma is a great fertilizer if you want to improve the looks of your lawn in a matter of days and give it those great looks. It slowly releases nitrogen into the soil giving your plant all the nitrogen they need for a long period. It is a great pick that also includes proprietary bio microbes to give your plants everything they need for growth.

4. MasterGreen Organic Plant Formula

MasterGreen Organic Plant, Flower, Tree or Vegetable Food Formula

The MasterGreen is a great natural super concentrate and one that will cover a great area of your garden or farm making it a good value for money. 16oz of the fertilizer can make up to 96 gallons of solutions which I think is pretty good. It is a great way to save money while boosting your crops and getting a good harvest. It is ideal for growing healthy organic flowers, vegetables, trees and even shrubs.

3. Nectar for the Gods Fertilizer

Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus Guano Tea + THCity Gloves & Pipette - 1 Gallon

We have the Nectar for Gods fertilizer at number three which is a great option for all your food plants. It is 100% natural without any chemicals leaving your plants healthy for consumption. The Nectar provides your plants with a readable available source of phosphate promoting a sweet textured growth. It is one fertilizer that promotes photosynthesis giving your plants a boost as they get to grow fast and healthy.

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2. RoseGold Formula All Natural Water

Best Rose Food Organic RoseGold Formula All Natural Water Enhancement 4oz Concentrate makes 24 Gallons Sick Plant Rescuer, Flower Food for Organic Gardens and bright beautiful roses 1 Pack

The RoseGold is another ideal option and takes the 2nd spot rightfully with several beneficial ingredients to the food crops. It is a great value for money and makes up to 24 gallons which is big enough to cover a large area of your garden or farm. It is a great option if you have a big garden of flowers as it promotes some of the best smelling flowers. It is a great fertilizer that works well for petals that have started to loose color.

1. Lady Bug Natural Brand John’s Recipe Liquid Fertilizer

Lady Bug Natural Brand John's Recipe Liquid Fertilizer - 32 oz

On top of our list is the Lady Bug which by far is the best natural fertilizer to get the plants blooming. The Lady Bug is made of fish products and contains all the necessary nitrogen to give your plants a boost. It enhances strong root system helping the plant deal with stress. It contains humic acid that unlocks minerals and gives your plants all the necessary ingredients to survive and grow in a healthy way. It is a must consider option for your crops especially if they appear unhealthy.

Get the best production from your food plants today by applying one or two of the best natural fertilizers above. They are ideal for promoting faster growth of your crops and giving you a good harvest in return.

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