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Growing that bonsai tree can be a rewarding experience and one that you will enjoy doing. However, maintaining the tree can be quite challenging. You will require a great set of the bonsai tools to be able to trim and make your garden beautiful. Well, there are hundreds of shears and scissors in the market but being able to buy a complete bonsai kit presents good value for money. Every household needs a bonsai kit. The choice of the best kit depends on your needs and the amount you are willing to spend. You can get a bonsai kit from as low as $25 while others go as high as $200. If you are the type of person who likes to spend less, we have compiled the best ten bonsai kit in 2017 that will cost you just below $25.

10. BambooMn Brand Bonsai Leaf Trimmers

BambooMN Brand Bonsai Leaf Trimmers (Set of 3) and Bamboo Rake

Probably one of the cheapest Bonsai tools on the market in 2016. You cannot go wrong at this price and surely you will receive value for your money. The BambooMN is a set of three 4 inches trimmers that deliver very precise cutting. There is an additional bamboo rake for collecting the dirty around your bonsai tree. They are very handy and will be of great help whenever you need a quick snip. The tools are great ad can last for years as long you don’t use them to cut wires. They are a great value for money and the best bonsai tool in 2016 you can get at this price.

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9. ThinkBamboo Bonsai 5pc Basic Care Set

ThinkBamboo Bonsai 5pc Basic Care Set

The ThinkBamboo is a complete set of a root rake, root pick, shear, moss brush and a stiff bamboo brush. They are a durable set forged from a carbon steel to withstand the harsh weather outside. They are the traditional looking bonsai tool of great quality and come at a bargain price. With proper care, the tools with last a lifetime giving you value for your money. The toolkit contains almost all the essentials to start your bonsai rancher. A great product and out to check out in 2016 if you want to maintain a perfect home garden.

8. Fiskars Soft Touch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

The Fiskars Soft Touch is another great set of Bonsai tools that come at an affordable price. They are a great buy in 2017 if you are on a budget but need a quality bonsai tool for your gardening needs. It is ideal for shaping, trimming and deadheading small plants. It is quite easy to use and ideal for people with arthritis who can’t stand or bend for long. The design of the blades opens gently allowing you to cut or trim without a lot of strain.

7. UXcell Carved Gold Tone Dragon Metal Bonsai Scissors

Uxcell Carved Gold Tone Dragon Metal Handle Bonsai Scissors

If looking for an attractive pair of scissors, the Uxcell Carved Gold Tone is a great option to choose in 2016. The tool is ideal for small projects and a great option if you don’t need to cut large twigs. These are the type of scissors you would just want to have with their lovely ornate handle. They are a pretty decent shear and come at a very affordable price. They are nicely crafted and will be a joy to handle as you work on your garden.

6. Wakashishi Bonsai Scissors

Wakashishi-Bonsai scissors MADE IN JAPAN 180mm

You will be impressed by the quality of the Wakashishi bonsai scissors as soon as you get it. The Japanese-made tool is a great product to look out for in 2017 if in need of a great bonsai tool for your gardening needs. They are made of steel and offer users a superior quality giving them value for their money. It is a great scissor with sharp blades for precise cutting. The fact that it comes at a relatively lower price is a bonus.

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5. Stanwood Bonsai Tool Professional Grade Shears

Stanwood Bonsai Tool Professional Grade Japanese Ashinaga Shears

The Stanwood is a professional Bonsai Tool from Japan and one of the best tools for your bonsai tree in 2017. The tool is created by the Japanese Master Craftsmen and delivers stunning results on your tree. The razor sharp blades cut precisely leaving your home garden looking beautiful and smart. The scissors are great at cutting leaves and small branches and make a great choice if you need a small tool for such tasks. The tools, unlike others, are individually adjusted and forged by high-skilled Japanese craftsmen.

4. Sago Brothers Bonsai Pruner Pruning Scissors

Sago Brothers Bonsai Pruner Pruning Scissors for Bud and Leaves Trimmer 5 PCS

The Sago Brothers are one of the best Bonsai tools customized for specific plants and their buds and leaves that need organization. They are a great choice in 2017 and offer users many value for their money. The blades are quite sharp allowing fixing the branches and leaves with very little effort. The five set of the scissors are 4 inches each and allow you to handle any job with ease.

3. The Bonsai Trimming Scissors with the Green Bonsai Training Wire

Bonsai Trimming Scissors with Green Bonsai Training Wire 3-32ft Rolls

The Bonsai trimming scissors are a great set of tools that come with a green bonsai training wire. They are lightweight, small but quite effective in delivering excellent results when cutting. They are quite sharp and provide the user with a great way to cut and trim the plants with ease. The softened green wires are an added advantage for easy training of the damaged plants. The wires and the scissors are quite durable and will not rust making them a great value for your money in 2017.

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2. Pro Pruning Snips

PRO PRUNING SNIPS - Green Micro Tip Garden Shears for Precise Trimming

The Pro Pruning is our second best bonsai tool in 2016 costing under $24 and rightfully so with unique features. It is quite sharp and cuts precisely delivering exceptional results. It is comfortable to use and comes with a lightweight design. It is a great option for seniors with arthritis. The Clippers are tough and able to handle any cutting objects. The long lasting stainless steel ensures the tool resists any harm in the harsh outdoor climate. It is a great product and one to look out for in 2017.

1. Brussel’s 8-inch Pruning Shear Bonsai Tool

Brussel's 8-Inch Prunning Shear Bonsai Tool

The Brussel’s takes the number one spot in the top ten Bonsai tools at just under $25 with unique features. The soft rubber handles make it quite easy to use and hold. It is quite easy on hands and holds on the edge quite well making it a great value for money. The fact that it makes trimming and pruning quite easier makes it a favorite bonsai tool in 2017 if you are under a strict budget. The 8-inches length is long enough to handle any task. If on a tight budget and looking for a great bonsai tool with a great design, this will be a great option.


The list above presents you with the very best bonsai tools in the market costing under $25 which is pretty good with a limited budget. The tools are great and can accomplish the intended job fast and quite well without costing you a lot.

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