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In the past, maintaining lawns was a challenging endeavor mainly because of the poor quality manual watering accessories that were available in stores. However, with the development of automated sprinkler heads, the process is not only easy but also fun. Once you have setup up the recommended plumbing, most models take care of your watering duties during seasons. Automated sprinkler heads are also water efficient, install out of sight on lawns, and have long-lasting technologies that most homeowners appreciate. To enjoy a similar experience and better lawn health over time, we have reviewed the 10 best models in 2017.

10. Drip Depot Toro T5 Rapid Set Series

Toro T5 Rapid Set Series 5 PopUp Rotor w- Check Valve Sprinkler Head

To most homeowners, water wastage is a common concern, particularly among those with large lawns that they water every day. If you have a similar concern and want a dependable remedy that will never let you down, this rapid series set of Drip Depot Toro T5 sprinklers often do the trick. Measuring approximately 5-inches and fitted with high-performance popup motors, their functionality is admirable. Setup (plug and use) is in seconds while the low angled nozzles not only distribute water evenly over large lawns but also prevent pooling and water wastage in general. All nozzles are adjustable (twist and turn), have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee (100%), and have a lifetime warranty on defects.

9. Toro 53731 (Shrub Spray)

Toro 53731 Shrub Spray with Adjustable Nozzle Sprinkler, 0-360-Degree,15-Feet

Featuring a durable and adjustable (0-360 degrees) head, Toro 53731 is a top rated shrub spray sprinkler with a high-powered system that produces 15-foot water jets at high capacity. If you have a large lawn, therefore, and want better coverage every time you are watering, look no further than this sprinkler. It is durable. The 1/2-inch inlet (stainless steel screw) offered works well with most standard pipes and water systems, while its adjustable nozzle enables you to customize its trajectory on demand to better your experience. Recommended for household and commercial use, many people also appreciate Toro 53731 Shrub Spray Nozzle Sprinkler for its customizable flow rate (1.29 – 3.26 GPM) and ability to lower water consumption by up to 25%.

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8. Toro 53720

Toro 53720 25-Foot to 40-Foot Adjustable Pattern Underground Impact Sprinkler

By far one of the most powerful yet efficient sprinklers in the market, Toro 53720 is a recommended underground impact sprinkler with an adjustable spray pattern that covers approximately 25-40 feet. If you have a medium-sized to a large lawn, therefore, forget about the watering can or low powered sprinkler that you have depended on for years. Spray pattern is also adjustable (20-340 degrees) while its universal inlet (1/2-inch female NPT) and compatibility with other brands of irrigation systems make it a valuable household and commercial accessory. With the low flow (22 GPM at 40PSI) system offered, users of this Toro 53720 sprinkler cut down water consumption significantly. The weighted guide arm offered, on the other hand, prevents side splashing on walkways and buildings.

7. Toro 53732 Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Toro 3-Inch Pop-Up Sprinkler Head with 15-Foot Adjustable Pattern Nozzle 53732 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Even though discontinued by the manufacturer, Toro 53732 remains one of the most dependable and therefore sought-after sprinkler heads because of its feature-rich design. Its popup three-inch system, for instance, installs out of sight. Spray pattern is adjustable (12-15 feet), while its pop-up height system is perfect for watering most types of lawns including those with shrub areas or short grass. You also get a convenient ratcheting riser for fine-tuning and improving the placement of water patterns and a clog and corrosion resistant design that works excellently with most brands of irrigation systems in the market.

6. DigHealth Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler by DigHealth(TM), Premium Quality ABS Base, Durable Automatic Rotary Three Arm Sprinkler Heads, Watering Entire Lawn And Garden Without Oscillating Systems Waste

With this DigHealth lawn sprinkler, you get an effective three arm sprinkler head made of high-quality ABS plastic. Arms are durable, oscillate over a 360-degree axis to better the coverage of lawns, and have well-designed clog-proof systems that serve users well for years. Unlike some mechanized sprinklers that require intricate setup protocols to work well, this sprinkler is very easy to setup (plug and use). Spray distance is between 26 and 32 feet (depending on water pressure) while its leak-free design saves water and therefore costs over the years. You get a 100% money back guarantee from Amazon.

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5. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact

Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler - 3-Inch Pop-Up Impact Canister Sprinkler Spray Head, Adjustable from 20 to 360 Degrees, 25 to 45 Foot Radius

Are you reorganizing your lawn watering system for the upcoming dry summer months? If your sprinklers rank among the accessories to replace, consider purchasing Orbit 55025 to get a satellite two-impact sprinkler. Featuring a unique three in popup design, its functionality is admirable. Adjustable over a 20-360 degree orientation, you can customize coverage to match the type or size of your lawn. Water radius is also adjustable (25-45 feet via its diffuser pin) while its ease of setup and use appeals to homeowners of all cadres. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact features dual inlets (3/4 and 1/2-inches) that you can use as needed. Its well-engineered design, on the other hand, is super-efficient and lasts longer than most comparable models.

4. Toro 53730

Toro 53730 Adjustable Underground Sprinkler Nozzle 15-Foot Spray

Are you tired of the large above ground sprinkler that trips and injures your kids whenever they are playing on your lawn? With Toro 53730, you get an adjustable underground nozzle with an adjustable 0-360-degree spray pattern and a range of 12-15 feet. Designed to work with other brands of irrigation systems, you do not have to replace that entire plumbing system on your lawn. Installation is plug and use, while its durability and high water flow (1.29-3.26 at 30 PSI) eases the lawn watering process significantly. Forget about your frustrating gardening hose or the watering can you have relied on for years.

3. MyGarden Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler MyGarden Automatic Garden Water Sprinklers Lawn Irrigation System 3600 Square Feet Coverage Rotation 360°

To exploit the value of automated sprinklers while keeping costs low at the same time, MyGarden is one of the most recommended models. Compact, for instance, it installs conveniently on all types of lawns. The rotating (360 degrees) system offered waters approximately 3600 square feet of space without wasting water while the long spray distance offered (32.8 feet at 80 PSI) guarantees optimal water exposure, which translates to healthier lawns. With an original, you also get versatile spray patterns, two spraying angles (90 and 45 degrees) and a weather-resistant ABS polymer body with a money back guarantee (100%).

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2. Garden-Outdoor Rain Bird 32SA/4PK 32SA

Rain Bird 32SA-4PK 32SA Simple Adjust Gear Drive Rotor, Adjustable 40° to 360° Pattern, 19' - 32' Spray Distance, 4-Pack

Even though simple, Garden-Outdoor Rain Bird 32SA/4PK 32SA is a versatile gardening accessory that has improved how individuals water their lawns. Powered by an adjustable gear driven motor, water output is powerful and consistent. Spray pattern is adjustable (40-360 degrees) to suit your needs, while its admirable spray distance (19-32 feet) covers both small and large lawns well without pooling water as comparable poorly designed models often do. With each purchase, you get four premium nozzles that work in synergy to cover a large area.

1. Rain Bird 25PJDAC


Ranked among the top 10 best automatic irrigation sprinkler heads in 2017 reviewed, Rain Bird 25PJDAC is a premium impact sprinkler made of a rust-proof high-impact brass. Spray distance (20-41 feet) and patterns (0-360 degrees) are adjustable. Pipe threading is a universal 1/2-inch male model that works well with most plumbing systems while its high output saves users time when watering lawns.

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