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Even though musical accessories are diverse in reputable web stores such as Amazon, Amazon Echo remains one of the most sought after because of the quality of sound it produces. For those that travel often and or like to entertain outdoors, its portability is invaluable while the 360-degree omnidirectional speaker, hands-free system of operation, and ability to play music from prime services such as Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio have skyrocketed its reputation all over the world. If you depend on your speaker as your primary source of entertainment and want to better your experience, here is our selection of the 10 best Echo accessories worth buying:

10. Lightning Power – Lycra Carrying Case

Lightning Power - Black color Lycra Zipper Carrying Case Bag for Amazon Echo Speaker & Charger

A popular portable speaker, most individuals rely on Amazon Echo for entertaining during outdoors adventures such as camping. To transport yours safely during such escapades, this Lighting Power carrying case is a must-have accessory. Lightweight (2.9 ounces), for instance, and made of a durable Lycra fabric (3mm thick), it is perfect for outdoor exploration. Its fitting design secures the Amazon Echo speaker well, while the add-on storage pouch offered is perfect for storing smaller accessories such as chargers. Buyers also get a zippered closure system that eases access to a stored speaker and a built it carabiner for attaching it to a backpack when traveling.

9. The Echo Mount for Amazon Echo

The Echo Mount for Amazon Echo - Proudly Made in the USA

Are you tired of your Echo constantly tumbling oven whenever you are listening to music? To secure it well without impairing sound quality and compromising its outlook over time, The Echo Mount is a recommended solution. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America (USA), it is sturdy, durable, and has a fitting design that works well in all environments. Setup is very easy, while the endless mounting capabilities offered improves how you use your Amazon Echo speaker indoors or outdoors. Styling is sleek and recommended for use in all environments while the 100% money back guarantee offered covers all production defects.

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8. Mission Power Portable Battery Base

Portable Battery Base for Echo (Use Echo anywhere)

To keep your Amazon Echo working well, you have to recharge its built-in battery often to restore it to capacity. While standard outlets work well, travelers often have a difficult time powering their devices, particularly in remote camping settings. This is where this portable battery base comes in. Designed to prolong playback by approximately six hours, it is a perfect accessory for entertaining. Setup is very easy on the base of the Echo while its intelligent battery management technology ensures that you get the best out of its charge. Mission Power Portable Battery Base is portable and rechargeable via the standard adapter that comes with the Echo.

7. Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base

Smatree AE9000 Intelligent Battery Base for Amazon Echo -9000mAh or 33.3Wh (Enables your Echo Portable)-[Improved New Connector]

Featuring a 9000mAh battery pack (33.3Wh) and a stable plastic base that secures the Amazon Echo well, Smatree AE9000 is an intelligent battery base that benefits music enthusiasts. It is affordable, prolongs the lifetime of the Echo by between five and eight hours, and has a portable design that works anywhere at any time. The advanced magnetic connector it uses eliminates the need for pins and cables. Setup is also easier while its sturdy design doubles and an ideal support base for the Echo whenever you are entertaining. Other admirable attributes are its safety certified design (with low voltage protection), rechargeable design, and two-year warranty.

6. SquareTrade 2-Year Protection Plan (plus Accident Protection)

2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Echo

If you own an Amazon Echo and depend on it for entertainment, consider securing it with this two-year protection plan from SquareTrade. Formulate to cover all devices purchased in the past 30 days, its covers starts immediately you purchase your product. Cover is on all production defects and accidental damage while the refund warranty offered enables your policy within the first 90 days. With an active warranty, you can make up to three claims and get a replacement device within three days without paying deductibles or shipping fees.

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5. Amazon Echo: 2016 Edition – User Guide and Manual

Amazon Echo-2016 Edition - User Guide and Manual - Learn It Live It Love It

With the development of clear and elaborate users guides such as this 2017 edition from Amazon Echo, the operation of this portable speakers is no longer as challenging as this was the case in the past. Attainable in digital format, this 92-page manual is easy to use. Language is simple and very easy to understand, while its text-to-speech enabled system (English) is fun to use. In Amazon, this book is available as a downloadable 2MB file that you can use on unlimited devices.

4. Amazon Echo Power Adapter

Amazon Echo and Fire TV Power Adapter

A popular Amazon Echo power adapter in stores, this second-generation accessory is a dependable 21-watt model with a long 21-foot power cord that eases use. Unlike some cheap aftermarket models that snap or lose their productivity after one or two sessions, this adapter is durable. It UL certified design, on the other hand, is safe for everyday use while its fast charging system will get your Echo up and ready to use without degrading its electrical and mechanical components over the years.

3. Little Artisan Acrylic Speaker Guard

Acrylic Speaker Guard For Amazon Echo UE Boom speaker (Clear Blue)

Add some pomp to your Amazon Echo speaker with this aesthetic clear blue speaker guard from Little Artisan. Made of soft and well-finished acrylic, it does not scratch nor lower the aesthetic value of the Echo when in use. Stability is also impressive, while the dazzling light ring adds charm without vibrating or compromising sound quality when in use. With an original one, you will also be able to protect your Echo from tumbling when in use and prolong its life as a result.

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2. Amazon Echo Voice Remote

Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot [New Generation]

One of the major attributes that have made Amazon Echo a preferred speaker system by music lovers or all cadres is its voice-activated design. Instead of fumbling with buttons, as is always the case with its competition, all you have to do is use voice prompts to load music, check weather updates, or stream news. This voice remote will better your experience further. It connects reliably to the Amazon Echo via Bluetooth. The integrated omnidirectional microphone enables users to transmit clear voice prompts even in noisy environments while its dedicated volume and operation buttons better the functionality of the Amazon Echo further.

1. Fintie Protective Case

Fintie Protective Case for Amazon Echo - Premium Vegan Leather Cover Sleeve Skins, Love Tree

Manufactured using vegan leather, this protective case is a premium and stylish cover sleeve case for Amazon Echo with an eye-catching Z-love tree theme that users like. Customize to fit the Echo like a glove; it is an excellent travel accessory. Its lined interior lowers the risk of scratches and physical damage in general, while the removable carrying strap it comes with eases transportation.

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