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To video gamers, wireless mice are handy gaming accessories that have eliminated the need of owning expensive joysticks or using complicated keyboard combinations to enjoy their favorite video gaming titles. They are light and portable. They are also powerful, ease the gaming process, and are attainable in an array of styles and designs that work well with both Windows and Mac-powered computers. If you play video games for fun or pleasure and are looking for a functional wireless mouse to use regularly, this article reviews the top 10 best models in that you will never regret buying. Read on to learn about their desirable features in detail and benefits of purchasing each model.

10. Satechi Edge

Satechi Edge is a powerful 500Hz wireless gaming mouse with a sturdy and ergonomic plastic body. It is durable, flex comfortably with the hand, and has an adjustable sensitivity (800DPI-4000DPI) to satisfy the demand of individuals of all cadres. It is also portable, has a sensitive LED scroll wheel for aiming and zooming weapons in and out, and connects to a powerful 2.4G wireless receiver that is responsive up to 98 feet. Other notable features are its specific Gaming and Video control mode functions, seven programmable buttons, and power saving clip that shuts it off automatically after five minutes of inactivity to save battery power. Satechi Edge works with Windows and Mac OSs.


DLAND ZELOTES is a professional-grade 2.4G wireless gaming mouse with a reliable 2400 DPI optical system. It is affordable, has seven programmable buttons for a custom gaming experience, and an adjustable DPI switch function that allows users to adjust sensitivity to between 600 and 2400 DPI. All parts are sturdy and well built. Its ergonomic plastic body fits comfortably in the hand, while its ability to connect intelligently with all Windows powered computers makes it an excellent everyday gaming mouse. Out of the box, DLAND ZELOTES ships ready to use. It is affordable, has ultra-precise scrolling wheel, and uses an innovative optical technology that works well on all surfaces.

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8. TeckNet High-Precision Mouse

As its name suggests, TeckNet is a high precision wireless mouse with a maximum capacity of 2000 DPI. It has two user profiles, five programmable buttons, and a powerful 2.4G wireless system that connects reliably to a USB nano receiver up to 10 meters whilst gaming. It is battery-powered (18 months capacity), has a responsive DPI select button for customizing cursor speed, and comfortable ergonomic body made of quality non-irritant plastic. If you travel often and like to carry your gaming accessories a long, this mouse is light, compact, and therefore, travel worthy. You can carry it in your pocket or in a pocket on your backpack without compromising performance.


Considered among the best wireless mice in the market, HAVIT HV-MS976GT is a powerful 2.4 GHz mouse designed for use with desktop computers and laptops. It is light, portable, and has an ergonomic high performance design that fits comfortably in the hand. For a custom and enjoyable gaming experience, you get six programmable buttons. You also get a compatible nano receiver that works reliably up to 15 meters away and a sensitive wheel that supports left to right scrolling. This mouse is sturdy, well built, and has an array of smart functions including pre-programmable buttons, an auto sleep feature, and a multi-pole DPI switch for quickly changing gears between 1000, 1600, and 2000 DPI.

6. Sentey 8200

Are you shopping for a new wireless mouse for offline and online use? If you want value for money, consider buying Sentry for the following major reasons: with a maximum speed of up to 8200 DPI, Sentey 8200 is a high-performance wireless gaming mouse that works reliably over the years. With it, you will be able to enjoy a fulfilling gaming experience offline and online with no problems. You also get low profile PTFE feet for stability, replaceable side grips for better control, and a DPIU selector switch for optimizing cursor speed. As most products on this list, Sentey 8200 is affordable and perfect for everyday gaming.

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5. E-Blue EMS601BKAA-NF Mazer II

Popular is top 10 best wireless gaming mouses in 2015 reviews, E-Blue EMS601BKAA-NF Mazer II is a premium grade 2500 DPI wireless mouse with a stylish black and blue theme. It is durable, has a rubberized and illuminated wheel, and an ergonomically right-hand design that works well for right-handed gamers. For a custom gaming experience, this mouse has an adjustable DPI switch (500 to 2500). It has a professional grade optical gaming chipset, 250Hz anti-delay polling rate, and a handy OMRON micro switch that supports up to 5 million mouse clicks.

4. Logitech G602

Logitech G602 is a precise wireless mouse that offers up to 250-hours-worth of non-stop gaming experience. It has a powerful delta zero sensor, a 2.4GHz clutter-free wireless technology, and a performance switch for easily switching between active and power saver modes. It works interference-free, has a slip proof feet, and a universal system that work with both Windows and Mac-powered desktops and laptops.

3. Anker C200

By far one of the most sought after mice, Anker C200 is an ergonomic wireless model with three adjustable DPI levels. It has six programmable buttons, a functional full-size design, and an advanced infrared technology that tracks smoothly on all types of surfaces. Anker C200 connects to a tiny USB receiver. It is easy to use, has a contoured body with soft rubber grips for easier control, and a universal system that works well with windows and Mac USB-ready desktops and laptops. It is also affordable, made using the best quality materials, and is readily available in many online stores.

2. Etekcity Scroll M910

Etekcity Scroll M910 Wireless Vertical Mouse (60 Degree) 9 Clickable Function Buttons

Etekcity is a high-end wireless optical mouse with a stylish and ergonomic design, adjustable DPI, and nine programmable buttons. It has comfortable thumb buttons, a removable palm rest, and a one-year limited warranty testament of its quality. It is affordable, very easy to use, and connects reliably to both Windows and Mac computers.

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1. Logitech M510

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, Large Mouse, Computer Wireless Mouse

A bestseller in many stores, Logitech M510 is our pick for the best wireless mouse in 2015. It has a comfortable contoured shape, soft rubber grips, and a smooth rolling wheel that also supports side to side scrolling. This mouse has three programmable buttons, a two-year capacity battery, and a three-year hardware manufacturer’s warranty.

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