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Unlike standard vacuums that only clean dry debris such as dirt and dust, wet and dry vacuums are advanced handheld models recommended for cleaning both dry debris and liquids. If you have clogged tubs and or sinks or want to clean your fireplace thoroughly, several models also come in handy. The 10 product listed in this review are among the best that meet this threshold. By purchasing one from Amazon or any other reputable web store, you get a durable and high-performance vacuums that you will never regret purchasing.

10. Shop-Vac 2030500

Shop-Vac 2030500 5-Gallon 2.25 Peak HP Aqua Vac Wet Dry Vacuum

Powered by a 2.25 peak horsepower (HP) motor that generates consistent suction power while cleaning, Shop-Vac 2030500 is reliable and an acclaimed wet and dry vacuum that handles all types of cleaning jobs well. The heavy-duty plastic used to manufacture it is durable. The 5.5-gallon inbuilt storage offered enables users to clean for longer while the sturdy side and top carry handles that it comes with nor only ease operation but also transportation between work sites. Shop-Vac 2030500 has a long (6-foot) and durable power cord and several free cleaning accessories including a friction fit hose (7 x 1.25-feet), reusable foam sleeve and disk filter, and three extension wands, and a 10-inch wet and dry nozzle that withstands abuse well.

9. Sminiker Handheld Car Vacuum (Wet/ Dry)

Sminiker Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 12volt Car Vac Wet Dry DC 60W,With Multi-functions of Tire Inflator Pump 150 PSI Air Compressor ,Tire Pressure Gauge and LEDs light(Silver Colour)

Featuring a stylish silver body and a powerful 12-volt system for cleaning cars, upholstery, and small indoor spaces, Sminiker is a valuable handheld car vacuum, appreciated globally. The 150-PSI air compressor that it comes with is powerful and generates consistent cleaning power in all environments. Its built-in pressure gauge is perfect for monitoring tire pressure while its lightweight design and stability rank it among the best for regular cleaning. Its low profile design penetrates and cleans tight and hard to reach areas well. The 13-foot power cord offered improves reach while the washable HEPA filters that it comes with eliminate bacteria and allergens to leave the environment in your vehicle clean and habitable. Buy an original to get a free crevice tool, a wide mouth nozzle, and a flexible hose for customizing your cleaning escapades.

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8. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1600VA

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS1600VA High Capacity Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 16-Gallon Shop Vacuum Cleaner, 6.5 Peak HP Wet And Dry Vacuum

Do you clean heavily soiled areas such as garages often? To get a high capacity wet and dry vacuum that will improve how you clean, WORKSHOP is a powerful 6.5 HP (peak) vacuum to consider. Lightweight, durable, and with a flexible 180-degree dual-flex locking hose (2.5-inches by 7-feet) that penetrates and clean hard to reach areas well, it is an excellent household accessory. Filters are durable, removable, and have auto shut-off mechanisms that lower the risk of overflows while wet cleaning. Its integrated blowing port improves its versatility further while the tough copolymer material used to manufacture its drum is aesthetic and resists cracks and dents over time.

7. WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs WS1600SS

WORKSHOP Wet-Dry Vacs WS1600SS Stainless Steel 6.5-Peak Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 16 Gallon

A popular wet and dry vacuum in homes and commercial cleaning companies, this Wet/Dry Vacs WS1600SS from WORKSHOP is a high-grade accessory with an 18-gallon stainless steel drum that resists dents and rust over the years. It is motor-driven (6.5 HP (peak power)), generates a powerful suction that picks up to one gallon of water per minute, while the high-grade cleaning accessories that it comes with better the experience of users significantly. The long 2.5-inch hose that it comes with, for instance, is long (7-feet), flexible (180-degrees), and locks tightly (dual flex) to maximize suction power. The ergonomic handle offered is comfortable while the large rear wheels it comes with ease transportation and or operation on stairs and rough terrain.

6. Shop-Vac 2030100

Shop-Vac 2030100 1.5-Gallon 2.0 Peak HP Wet Dry Vacuum, Small, Red-Black

Recommended for light duty cleaning, Shop-Vac 2030100 is light, electricity powered (2.0 peak HP), and has a modest 1.5-gallon storage that is sufficient for individuals with small homes. Featuring an ergonomic and collapsible top handle and a wall mountable system that eases storage, it is perfect for home use. Style is impeccable (black and red) while its decent price and the premium accessories that it comes with (crevice tool, gulper nozzle, and hose (1.25-inches x 4 feet) enable you to customize cleaning for the best experience.

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5. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

Stanley Wet or Dry Vacuum, 4 Gallon, 4 Horsepower, Stainless Steel Tank

A popular budget vacuum (wet and dry) in homes and commercial establishments, Stanley is a valuable accessory with a durable and feature rich design that you will enjoy using every day. Its steel tank, for instance, is durable, rust resistance, and has a spacious 4-gallon design that enables you to clean longer in all environments. The four horsepower motor that it uses generates consistent and sufficient power for heavy duty cleaning. Its portability (lightweight body with smooth rolling swivel casters (four)) is admirable, while the 10-foot power cord it comes with is long, durable, and wraps for easier storage.


DEWALT DC515K haft-Gallon 18-Volt NiCd Cordless Wet or Dry Vac

DEWALT DC515K is a durable battery-powered (18-volts Ni-Cad) wet and dry vacuum with a light and portable design and a modest 0.5-gallon storage space that is perfect for light duty clean. If you have a car that you commute in often, it also a perfect accessory for cleaning, mainly because of its low profile design that penetrates and cleans hard to reach areas well. This vacuum has dual cleaning modes (extendable rubber hose and front utility nozzle) that you can customize to match your needs. Emptying and cleaning (both body and filters) is straightforward while its ability to trap and eliminate up to 99.97% of dirt and allergens (up to 0.3 microns in size) is impressive, if health is a major concern. Dewalt offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a three-year limited warranty for this vacuum.


DEWALT DCV581H 18 per 20-Volt MAX Cordless or Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum

With an original DEWALT DCV581H, you get a battery powered (18/20-Volt MAX) wet and dry vacuum that also works well with most standard AC electrical outlets (corded). The washable and reusable filters that it comes with are durable and efficient (99.97% efficiency). Construction is light and portable while the crush-resistant 5foot hose that it comes with penetrates and cleans hard to reach areas for a thorough cleaning experience. Pricing is also decent while the on-board storage that it comes with secures its components neatly.

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2. ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V

ArmorAll Wet or Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect for picking up both wet and dry debris indoors and outdoors, this 12-volt wet and dry vacuum from ArmorAll includes a long 15-foot power cord that improves coverage and a built-in crevice tool for penetrating hard to reach areas. It is lightweight, has a dedicated power on and off button that eases operation, and has a 12-volt plug that comes in handy when cleaning cars.

1. Armor All AA255

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet or Dry Vacuum, AA255

Favored in top 10 best wet/dry vacuums in 2016 reviews, Armor All AA255 tops our list of the best. Lightweight, high powered (2HP (peak)), and with a large 2.5-gallon storage capacity, cleaning is fast and easy. The long power cord (10 feet) and hose (6-feet) improve its performance while its convertible design (to a blower) benefits those that live in wooded areas and grapple with leaf littering from time to time. You also get an auto shutoff feature that prevents overflow, several on-board accessories (crevice tool, brush, and deluxe car nozzle, for instance), and a two-year limited warranty.


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