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TV stands are no longer just about holding a TV. You need a stand that will hold the TV safely, at the right height and also one that will help to increase some beauty within the room that you are going to keep the TV. In this review, we shall take you through some of the top 10 best TV stands that will be able to offer you all of these. They include the following:

10. Convenience Concepts Designs – 2 – GO Swivel TV Stand

Convenience Concepts Designs-2-Go 2-Tier Swivel TV Stand

This swivel two-tier stand allows for a 360 degrees rotation option where you can be able to adjust where your TV is facing. The stand can safely be placed on a counter table or other platforms after which you can now put the TV on it. It comes with a small space for your DVD player and other TV accessories. It weighs approximately 60 pounds and can accommodate up to 20 inch flat panel screens.

9. New 58” Modern TV Console Stand

New 58 Modern Tv Console Stand - Driftwood Finish

The new 58 inch console stand has a very rich and subtle textured finish that will perfectly crown any living room. Its laminate material is high grade and very durable hence you can rely on the stand to serve you for a very long time. It is also very strong allowing it to hold TVs weighing as much 250lbs. TVs as big as 60 – inches will fit very well in this stand.

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8. Sonax FB – 2600 Fiji TV Stand

Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench, Ravenwood Black

Sonax FB TV stand is made of a heavy duty material allowing it to accommodate most TVs regardless of their size. Its black Ravenswood finish gives it a very pleasing appearance likeable by most people. It has ample storage space for video and other audio components. These storage compartments are covered with tempered glass at the front which have magnetic catches. The center shelf has been made adjustable allowing you to regulate its space in order to allow for accommodation of the various sizes of TV boxes, DVD players or other gaming equipment.

7. Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand

Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand with Mount for TVs Up to 50-Inch, Black Finish

Altra furniture galaxy stand has two unique stands attached to it. One of the stands is made of glass where you can place your gaming consoles and other accessories. In between the shelves there is another storage compartment where you can keep your DVDs. At the back the panel is well designed to allow for proper aligning of all the cables. It accommodates TVs weighing up to 70 lbs. that are 50”.

6. Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand

Mount Factory Rolling TV Stand Mobile TV Cart for Flat Screen, LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma, Curved TV's - with Mount for 40 in. - 65 in. Universal Mount with Wheels

It has a component shelf for storing the cable box and other decoders or players. It is very flexible and is known to be accommodative of televisions ranging from 40-inches to 65-inches. This stand base has been instilled with some wheels that allow the stand together with an attached screen to be easily movable from one point to another. Its heavy duty steel frames are strong rendering the stand durable and capable of holding televisions weighing 100 pounds!

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5. Furino 11257BK/GY Turn-N-Tub TV Stand

Furinno 11257BK-GY Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment TV Stands, Black-Grey

This particular stand has a simple but stylish design that can fit in into any room. Its simple designing makes it very easy and quick to assemble for usage. The making material of this stand are high quality PVC tubes that have contributed greatly for the stand’s lightness. It has various shelves where you can place your DVD player, DVDs, gaming consoles etc.

4. Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand

Kanto MTM65PL Mobile TV Stand with Adjustable Shelf and Mount for 37 to 65 inch Flat Panel Screens (Black)

The Kanto mobile TV stand fits a lot of different flat screen TVs. It fits all televisions ranging from 37-inches to 65-inches. Its strong making materials and designing enables it to be capable of holding TVs weighing as much as 45kgs (100 lbs.) the stand can also accommodate various VESA sizes ranging from the 75 by 75 all the way to the 600 by 400! The height of this stand is also adjustable. You can move it from 1m high (39.4 – inches) to 1.5m high (59.1 – inches). It comes with two trays for holding your other accessories. One of the trays is at the top where you can put your TV box while the other one is in the middle. The middle shelf is adjustable and can be used to hold gadgets such as the A/V equipment. Its base has four lockable wheels. These wheels can be unlocked to enable moving of the stand and when locked they ensure that the stand remains steady in one position.

3. WE Furniture Wood TV Stand

WE Furniture 58 Wood TV Stand Storage Console, Espresso

The WE Furniture TV stand has been manufactured using great woods that have given it a unique and fashionable style. This stand holds flat panel televisions as big as 60-inches. Its shelves are easily adjustable offering a very spacious compartments where you can keep your other TV accessories. Its designing also allowed for little cable holes where cables can pass through making it look clean and organized.

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2. Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand

Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand, For TV's up to 50-Inches, Black-Cherry

This big and fashionable TV stand accommodates televisions measuring as much as 50 inches. It comes with some big open shelf where you can be able to store other accessories such as a decoder. Some of its compartments have doors where you can be able to secure your gaming materials or DVD disks. The stand has been manufactured with a study metal frame thus helping to make the stand strong and durable.

1. Atlantic 63607103 Table Top TV Stand

Atlantic 63607103 Table Top TV Stand 1-42, Black

The Atlantic 63607103 is arguably the best TV stand in the market right now. This stand is height adjustable and therefore you can always regulate how high or low you want your tv placed for your continence. It is capable of fitting a huge variety of hole patterns even the VESA 600 mm by 500 mm holes. It has been manufactured by plastic covers that are well decorated for extra beauty. The base of this stand has felt pads and this will ensure that the stand never scratches your floor.

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