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Ranked among the most visited rooms in homes, toilets are not only vital, but also one of most important installations that most people cannot do without. To keep yours clean and safe or fun to use, one of the 10 best toilet brushes reviewed on this list will come to your aid. They are sturdy, light, and made of high quality components that you can use on an everyday basis without worrying about them breaking, fraying, or scratching your toilet bowl over time. They are also affordable, specially built for cleaning all toilets, and importantly, last long.

10. Rubbermaid FG6B9900

Rubbermaid FG6B9900 Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush and Caddy Set

A recommended toilet brush for both personal and commercial use, Rubbermaid FG6B9900 is a durable and soft-bristled bowl cleaning brush with a soft grip plastic handle that eases control when cleaning. Its full and soft-bristled head cleans fast and efficiently without scratching or lowering the physical and or structural appeal of toilets in any way. The high-density plastic used to manufacture it lasts long, while the fitting caddy that it comes with eases storage without cluttering personal space. All you have to do is rinse the brushes head well before storage, to prevent odor build up and or growth of mold and mildew.

9. Quickie European

Quickie European Bowl Brush and Caddy

To clean your toilet fast and effectively without straining your wrist and or scratching your toilet bowl unknowingly, Quickie European is one of the most recommended bowl brushes to use for several reasons. Its rounded brush design, for instance, is not only easy to use, but also orients excellently under the bowl for a thorough cleaning experience. Poly fiber material used to manufacture its head has a soft and non-marring consistency that protects bowls from damage, while the cylindrical caddy that it comes with is durable and specially designed to contain it well after each cleaning escapade. You also get an ergonomic European-style handle with comfort grips.

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8. Home-it Toilet Brush

Home-it toilet brush set Chrome toilet brush for tall toilet bowl and toilet brush holder with Lid great toilet bowl cleaner

Recommended for cleaning tall toilet bowls while minimizing messes at the same time, Home-it Toilet Brush is a set of high quality chrome-themed brushes each with a stable and easy to use design that makes cleaning fun. Its head is soft and non-marring. The handle flexes gently for better maneuverability, while its steel powder coated design does not stain nor rust over the years. It is also easier to clean that some whole plastic models, and has a durable and non-porous design that does not culture bacteria and other harmful microorganisms as some poorly built plastic models often do. This brush is affordable, has a stylish storage container with a lid that lasts long, and comes backed by a free lifetime guarantee from Home-it.

7. Simplehuman Toilet Brush

simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy, Stainless Steel, White

Affordable, durable, and with a stain-resistant white body that blends well in homes, this toilet brush by Simplehuman is a valuable budget household accessory with a crescent-shaped brush that cleans hard to reach areas. The stiff outer brushes on its head are durable and designed to remove stubborn stains well without scratching bowls. Its drip free design on the other hand contains messes well, while the stainless steel handle on offer is durable and has a smooth and easy to clean surface that also resists rust and corrosion over time. Simplehuman is easy to use, affordable, and comes with an aesthetic storage caddy with a magnetic collar that secures it well for easier transport. You get a five-year warranty for each original model you buy.

6. Rubbermaid Commercial FG631000WHT

Rubbermaid Commercial FG631000WHT Toilet Bowl Brush with Plastic Handle

As its name suggests, FG631000WHT by Rubbermaid is a commercial-grade toilet bowl brush with a light and easy to use design, a heavy-duty plastic handle, and crimped polypropylene bristles that clean tough stains efficiently without scratching or damaging toilets. Its sturdy one-piece design (14.375 inches long by 3.375 inches wide by 3.375 inches high) is odor and stain resistant. It is also easy to clean, drip-free, and has a long and gripped handle that fits comfortably in the hand for faster and safer cleaning. This bowl brush is affordable and blends well in most bathroom environments without cluttering space.

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5. Fuller Brush Swab

Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

Even though slightly different from the conventional plastic and polypropylene bowl brushes that people have used over the years, this brush swab by Fuller is a versatile and fun to use accessory that works as well as its competition. It affordable, USA-made, and has a soft fabric strands that absorb cleaners well and clean toilets well without scratching or weighing users down. The high grade 15plastic used to manufacture it handle is durable, strain-resistant, and has a non-porous construction that does not culture bacteria in storage. The measuring cut it comes with is also durable and doubles as an efficient wringer.

4. Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush

Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder Set, White

Casabella toilet brush is a premium-grade bowl cleaner with a striking white theme and a versatile design that works well in various types of toilets. It is affordable, has a convenient 14-3/4-inch high by 5-inch wide body that offers better coverage when in use, and has high quality nylon bristles that clean well and a steel-reinforced handle that does not break, stain, nor culture bacterial over time. The handle has a slight contour for easier handling, while the holder set it comes with are novel.

3. OXO Good Grips Hideaway

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

Are you shopping for a new toilet bowl brush for everyday use? Do you want a compact and durable model that will withstand everyday abuse without losing its functionality over time? OXO Good Grips Hideaway is one of the most recommended in top 10 best toilet brushes in 2016 reviews. It is compact, has a well-built canister that secures it well during storage, and has a tapered brush head design with sturdy bristles that clean the toughest of stains fast without compromising the structure of toilet bowls. You also get a comfortable grip for better control and a clutter-free design that works excellently in small spaces

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2. Home Basics Bronze

Home Basics Bronze Toilet Brush with Holder

Purchase this toilet brush by Home Basics to get a durable bronze themed bowl brush with a stylish holder for convenient storage. It is durable, store discretely out of sight, and has a tall 4.5-inch by 15-inch design that you can use to clean several types of toilets. During storage, this brush drips water well into its container for faster drying. This also lowers the risk of odor build-up, and lowers the growth of molds and bacterial that often colonize ever-wet toilet brushes.

1. Lysol Bowl Brush

Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and Caddy

Featuring antimicrobial fibers, a sturdy handle, and a light and easy to use design, Lysol bowl brush tops our list of the best. Even though cheap, its premium design offers a long-lasting deep cleaning experience in homes and or commercial establishments. The under the rim fiber extension offers clean hard to reach under rim areas, while the compatible caddy that it comes with eases storage in bathroom environments. You also get a stable anti-slip handle for easier control; mildew, mold, and bacteria protection; and an eye catching design.

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