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The summer is finally here and the time to head out to the great outdoors. Pack your gear with care and include a set of survival equipment. Of great importance in this sense a set of survival knives which will come in handy often in your adventure. With one of these featured survival knives, you can make even the most grueling of outdoor trails tolerable, perhaps even enjoyable. These featured reviews have been picked from hundreds of contending products owing to their durable design, functional construction and limitless possibilities out in the field. Order the one which impresses you the best and your outdoor adventure will be all the better for it.

10. Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife

Well balanced, instinctive use, accurate and even prodigious are just some of the glowing adjectives which have been used to describe this survival knife on online forums as well as user review pages. And when you look at it and even hold it in your hands grip you will have no choice but to admit that none of these descriptions are in any way off the mark. The blade itself is made of top grade 420HC stainless steel. In effect that is as hard to break as granite in its monolithic whole. A textured over-molded soft-grip provides a sure grip even out in the wet and an easy slide sheath guarantees you will never be caught in a sticky situation flat footed.

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9. Yes4All Survival Tactical Hunting Knife Fixed Blade Bowie

Prove that you are as equal to the task as any professional by turning up for the field adventure with this tactical hunting knife as part of your gear. It is a knife which has been put together on the understanding that getting caught out in out of the way places should not mean decimation. With this knife as part of your equipment or arsenal, you are all set to get out of any sticky situation with plenty to spare.

8. MTECH USA MT-086 Fixed Blade Knife

With its 12.25 inches of overall length, this is a survival knife which delivers versatility in action as well as effective design. It features a stainless steel blade that is straight and true, fit enough for any purpose. For safety as well as effective in use, this blade features a set on non slip inserts near the base. A fitting and durable nylon sheath provides a safety precaution as a guard against nasty accidents.

7. Unlimited Wares HK-1037S Camo Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife

For lovers of camouflage finish of outdoor survival gear, you couldn’t get it better than this Unlimited Wares fixed blade knife. It looks decidedly aggressive but once you get into your hand, the perfect balance as well as perfect grip will be enough to give you the confidence to do all your knife work with precision. The knife can cut any form of undergrowth with razor like precision, skin a dear, scrape off the bark of a sapling and perform dozens upon dozens of other miscellaneous tasks with aplomb.

6. Unlimited Wares HK-1036 Fixed Blade Tactical Combat Knife

This knife has been designed to fit specifications of survival gear provided to the world’s best elite forces. It is perfected in terms of weight, balance handling and even aerodynamic effect. Whether you are looking for a knife you can throw with pinpoint accuracy, chop with aggression or parry with in close combat, you will find this offer from Unlimited Wares more than equal to the task. With 15″ of blade and handle combined, this is a knife which will rise to the occasion no matter the complexity of the challenge. The rubber handle itself offers a good grip and you can count on the heavy duty tactical sheath to offer all the safety you need when the knife is not in actual use.

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5. StatGear Surviv-All survival hunting camping knife

Add a measure of intimidation to your survival gear collection by adding this flawlessly curved knife. Both the blade and the handle have been finished to confer a camouflage pa1ttern that will serve to conceal the presence of this knife even in open view. It features a 440 gauge stainless steel full tang blade with a drop point tip. The handle itself is no less impressive with its rubber construction as well as steel pommel at the bottom.

4. Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade, Survival Knife

This is yet another survival knife in the inimitable Gerber 31 catalog of survival kit gear, one which has impressed a whole range of adventurers. It will therefore come as little surprise that this is one of the fastest selling survival knives in Amazon’s online store but that the vast majority of verified purchasers have poured praise on the knife, recommending it to others as “flawless”, “ingenious” and even “ethereal” in one instance. And indeed, when you look at both the easy-grip handle as well as curving blade, you will be hard put to find something to criticize this knife either in terms of construction or performance.

3. 12″ Survival Bowie Knife

So well designed as to impress any outdoor survival veteran, this bowie knife is meant to provide utility of function, long lasting durability as well as versatility in sticky situations. It has been specially constructed to meet the most ostentatious of military survival guidelines right from the hilt to the tip. Using well established guidelines, the survival knife is primed to take a pride of place in your ultimate survival collection. Included in the shipping package is a molded sheath with belt loop for easy access.

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2. Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife with Fire Starter

No survival kit is complete devoid of at least one genuine Survivor knife. Overall, the knife measures a full seven inch from hilt to tip. The blade itself is made from reinforced black stainless steel, sharpened to a razor edge. A thick green cord wrap handle makes it easier to hold the knife and execute a throw or cut with precision. For ultimate safety too, you have a military grade nylon sheath to use. As if this impressive catalog of features and accessories were not adequate, the survival knife also comes complete with a magnesium alloy starter.

1. Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

High quality and accurate for the purpose at hand, this ultimate survival knife will see you through the stickiest situations with plenty to spare. It features a well curved rubberized grip which will fit in your hand as if molded on it. The striking surface is also enhanced with a but cap for accuracy. For even better survival credentials, the knife bears a long lasting fire starter which also includes an integrated diamond sharpener. Other notable accessories include a key ground-air communication patch as well as a lanyard whistle. If you are used to heading of an adventure in out-of-the-way places, this is one item of survival gear you must never leave behind.

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