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Stuffed animals are cute and cuddly play toys that play an integral role in child development. By promoting physical activity, for instance, most models help kids to stay active and therefore health. They also promote better hand and eye coordination and are made of comfortable and kid-safe materials that do not harm users in any way. If you are shopping for a gift for your kid, therefore, buying one of our 10 recommended models is one of the best decisions you can make. Affordable, life-like, and designed to withstand abuse from children, they are perfect play accessories. They are also lightweight and have safety-certified designs that offer value.

10. Aurora Foxie Fox

Aurora Foxie Fox Mini Flopsie 8 Stuffed Animal Plush

Popular with kids of various age groups, Aurora Foxie Fox is a versatile stuffed animal with a lightweight mini design. Measuring 8-inches, it is light, portable, and suitable for rigorous gameplay. Its lifelike design improves kid’s interest in wildlife while the smooth fabric used in its production is both non-irritant and long lasting. If your kid likes to chew on toys, therefore, you do not have to worry about tiny components dislodging and compromising its safety. Clean up is also easy, while its super-soft luster is perfect for cuddling and snuggling when sleeping. You kid will enjoy using this stuffed animal daily.

9. Aurora World Lil Benny

Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant-Grey Plush

To get a huggable, lovable, and fun stuffed animal for your kid, Aurora World Lil Benny is an ideal toy. Recommended for girls and boys, its modest 9-inch tall design offered an interactive and fulfilling gameplay without frustrating kids. For instance, unlike the larger and heavier models in stores that frustrate kids, its lightweight design is easy to carry. Traveling with it is also easy, while its lifelike, huggable, and smooth body does not irritate delicate baby skin. This makes it an ideal stuffed animal for sleeping. Other notable attributes are its endearing facial expression and quality manufacturing standards that Aurora has employed in its production.

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8. Gund Philbin Teddy Bear

Gund Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal, 12 inches

In the stuffed animal category, teddy bears are among the most sought-after toys because of their charming looks and cuddly stature. This Gund Philbin model, for instance, is a valuable 12-inch toy with a stylish beige theme that kids like. While some parents consider this color a dirt magnet, the surface washable material used to make it very easy to clean. You can dust it using a brush. You can also wipe it with a damp cloth without compromising its looks or longevity. Gund Philbin Teddy Bear also has lifelike accents such as paw pads, appealing facial features, and a safe design that benefits 1+-year-old kids.

7. Shadow Siberian Husky

Shadow (Siberian Husky) 12'' Plush Dog by Aurora - Flopsie Series

Liked for its cuteness, this Flopsie series of the acclaimed Shadow Siberian Husky line of toys has many desirable attributes. Styling, for instance, is unmatched. With an original model, you get a plush dog-themed toy with a soft and cuddly body that is perfect for playing, cuddling, and sleeping. The soft material used in its production is chemical-free, while its decent sizing (12-inches) promotes activity indoors. Originating from Asia, its cute facial features, realistic styling, and safety standards make it a wonderful gift for boys and girls.

6. Bedtime Originals Monkey Ollie

Bedtime Originals Plush Monkey Ollie, Brown

Do not compromise the safety of your baby by purchasing one of the chemical laden and unsafe toys in stores. To get a top-rated stuffed animal for cuddling and gameplay, Monkey Ollie from Bedtime Originals is one of the best. Available in brown, the polyester used in its production is durable, lightweight, and has a unique design that lasts long. Whether you have a laid-back kid or an animated one, therefore, this toy will serve him or her for long. Maintenance (machine washable) is easy, while its convenient 8-inch design (two toned) delivers a fulfilling interactive experience. Monkey Ollie has a soft-stitched mouth and eyes that boost its character and a curly tail.

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5. Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny

Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny MINI FLOPSIE 8 Plush Beanbag

With this BITTY rabbit bunny from Aurora, you get a plush stuffed animal with an 8-inch mini Flopsie design. Unlike some products that have irritant fluffy fillings, the bean bags used are non-irritant. They also last longer and come double bagged for optimal safety. Whenever you kid breaches its outer surface, therefore, you do not have to worry about him or her choking on one of the beads used as filling. Aurora BITTY Rabbit Bunny has an adorable lifelike design that appeals to kids and adults alike. It is also affordable, fade-proof, and withstands abuse better that some lighter comparable models in Amazon.

4. Aurora Goldie Flopsie

Goldie Flopsie - 12

Featured in several top 10 best stuffed animals reviewed for 2017, Aurora Goldie Flopsie has eliminated the need for video games and contemporary plastic toys. Whilst cheaper, for instance, it is durable and has a realistic styling that appeals to most age groups. Its sizes (12-inches) promotes active gameplay, while the plush fabric used in its production is soft and has a fine weave that does not scratch not irritate users. Devoid of your kid’s playing style, this stuffed animal will never harm him or her. Aurora Goldie Flopsie is affordable and has a durable mixed filling that retains its shape over the years.

3. Bedtime Originals Humphrey Elephant

Bedtime Originals Plush Toy, Humphrey Elephant

Popularly among its legion of fans, Humphrey the Elephant is a plush stuffed animal, attainable on a budget online. Featuring a convenient 9-inch long design, this toy is realistic and perfect for kids that enjoy role-playing or active gameplay. Oriented in a unique sit-down position, it is also perfect for cuddling and or staying warm indoors. If safety is a concern, the fluff-free polyester (100%) used to make this toy is chemical-free. It is also machine washable (gentle cycle) and lacks choking hazards such as belts, buttons, and buckles.

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2. Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys 14 Plush Burrow Bunny

Popular for the soft toys in its arsenal, Melissa & Doug has brought smiles to the faces of many kids with its plethora of fun toys. Burrow Bunny, for instance, is a trending 14-inch toy with a soft and cuddly design that suits children of all ages. Floppy, fuzzy, and with a low-maintenance machine washable surface, its convenience is admirable. The chemical free polyester used to make it is kid-safe, while its durable seams do not rip nor tear easily when stressed or after several washes.

1. Wild Republic Sloth

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12 Plush

Christened the king of cuddling, this three-toed sloth from Wild Republic is a plush 12-inch toy with a detailed lifelike design. Made of the finest of fabrics and filling, it is durable, perfect for cuddling, and scores high in terms of safety. Its furry coating is also smooth and very easy to clean and its affordability suitable for individuals with a tight budget.

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