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A stopwatch is a simple, handheld timepiece whose purpose is to measure the time duration you take while on a certain activity, mostly sports or exercises, from the time you activate the timer to the time you deactivate it. A stopwatch is an essential device in sports or exercise activities. It helps you, the athlete, to correctly track your progress while staying on a strict program without wasting a single minute off the schedule. It is that effort to meet the schedule, as timed by the stopwatch, which makes you improve in your sports or exercise activities. As such, if you need a quality stopwatch for your use, here are the top 10 best stopwatches reviewed for 2017, from which you can discover you best quality pick for your daily or routine use. Read on.

10. Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

This is a small and simple to use stopwatch and dual interval timer. It is a multi-purpose timer with many versatile functions which make it very beneficial to use to virtually all types of exercise programs, and it helps you to keep track of your workout. With this stopwatch timer, a minute rest surely means just a minute rest—a 45-minute workout lasts just 45 minutes. With it, you can maximize your raining regimens to increase muscle size and strength, anaerobic endurance, fat loss, cardio endurance, etc.

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9. LOPOO Professional Handheld Sports Watches

LOPOO Professional Handheld Sports Watches

This is a professional chronograph digital timer that, besides stopwatch and clock functions, includes date—day, month, and day of the week. It has a 1/100-second chronograph that counts up to 23-hours, 59-minutes, and 59-seconds. It is sold complete with a fabric lanyard for ease of carrying around your neck. It uses a button-cell battery that is included in the package.

8. Insten LCD Digital Sports Stopwatch Chronograph Timer—with Neck Strap for Workout

Insten LCD Digital Sports Stopwatch Chronograph Timer—with Neck Strap for Workout

You can perfectly track your laps as well as split times using this essential exercise stopwatch. It comes with nylon fabric neck strap to allow you ease of carriage. It shows hour, minute and second, as well as date, day of the week, and month. It has 12 or 24-hour format for you to set, AM and PM indicator, and also hourly chime function. Its LCD display is easy to read. It also features timer stopwatches alarm with four-minute snooze. It runs on 1 AG13 button-cell that is included.

7. Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch

Also by Gymboss, this is a small yet highly advanced interval timer featuring an easy-to-use scrolling menu that is clearly readable. It is an innovative timer with which you are able to time one or two intervals just as with the regular Gymboss, or you can easily program up to 25 various and complex intervals according to your preference. On it you also can save up to 20 programs and use them in the future. Moreover, it features a clock and stopwatch. Other features are a removable belt chip, a slimmer design than of the original MAX, as well as an enhanced set-up procedure allowing simpler operation.

6. Flexzion Digital Stopwatch Chronograph Timer

Flexzion Digital Stopwatch Chronograph Timer

It is a simple and easy to use big digital display stopwatch that includes 1/100 of a second accuracy, a perfect lap counter, as well as 12 or 24-hour formats for coaching, runners, or just sports training. Other great features are time and calendar display, an everyday alarm, an hourly chime, a 1/100-second chronograph up-to 23-hours, 59-minutes, and 59-seconds. It is shock and water resistant, allowing you to train in any weather without worry. Its large LCD display is quite readable. It comes with a secure neck strap.

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5. Sportline 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

Sportline 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

With a GripSkin outer casing that is shock resistant, slip-proof, and watertight, the 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch is an ideal choice for outdoor and rugged conditions use, especially when the weather is unpredictable. The timer can time any single even and also time out a sporting event within a 1/100th second accuracy with unlimited splits. It features a digital tally counter great for recording scores as well as taking attendance. It has a laser-tuned quartz-crystal clock that offers precise time-keeping and features a large LCD display that is easy-to-read for convenience.

4. MeasuPro CCT400 Digital Timer/ Clock/ Stopwatch with 4 Channels

MeasuPro CCT400 Digital Timer Clock Stopwatch with 4 Channels

The MeasuPro 4 in 1 timer has an easy to read display. You can easily clip it, mount it, or even set it using a little metal stand. Its extra-loud alarm infallibly alerts you whenever the time is over. It has a memory function to store the countdown duration. It is a very handy timer offering multiple functions in just a single compact unit, among them a timer, stop watch, as well as clock. It can time up to 24-hours in its timer as well as stopwatch modes, and can time as many as 4 activities at a go.

3. Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch, Assorted colors

Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch, Assorted colors

This is an easy to use stopwatch that comes in fun and contemporary colors. It has just three buttons—green for go, yellow for clear, and red for stop—making it the ideal stopwatch for young time keepers. You can use it for exercises, to encourage faster clean ups, time outs, plus more. Its easy to read display clearly shows minutes, seconds, and 1/100-seconds. It runs on a single 1.5V button cell battery, which is included in the package.

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2. Oslo Silver 2.0 Twin Stopwatch and Countdown Timer

Oslo Silver 2.0 Twin Stopwatch and Countdown Timer

Made for trainers, coaches, and athletes, this model combines an easy to use countdown timer with a multi-mode stopwatch. It features a large and easy o read display in a great ergonomic casing with mode, split/reset, and start/stop buttons on its top. It is fit fir use wherever, since it is dust and water resistant. It comes with a 1-year warranty from Oslo, the manufacturer.

1. MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

The ADANAC 3000 is another best stopwatch that is water and dust resistant, coming with a 46-inch nylon lanyard/neck strap and packed with great features. It’s laser-tuned for the 1/100th seconds accuracy. It times 1/100th second for half an hour, then one second increments up to 24-hours. It can time both single as well as split events, with a split-mode timing setting to freeze the split time display as the total timing moves on. It further features calendar and timer, with alarm. It has separate start/stop and reset buttons, easy to use, compact and durable.

The above reviewed stopwatch models have been carefully selected, according to their functionality and features, as well as the top rated reviews they have garnered from their customers, to make the top 10 best for 2017. Choose yours from the above and you will have made the best choice of a stopwatch.

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