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Designed for converting analogue film strips into clear digital photographs that you can back up to a computer and or media devices such as thumb drive of SD card, slide scanners are novel accessories that have eliminated the need for dark rooms to develop photographs. They are cheap, do not use chemicals that people have used in dark rooms for years, and have easy to use sliding systems that read slides and films automatically to deliver the best quality results with minimal effort. If you have many photo slides in storage and or a bunch of films that you want scan, and are shopping for a new slide scanner that you can use often, the 10 best in 2017 include:

10. ClearClick Virtuoso (22MP)

ClearClick 22MP Virtuoso Film & Slide Scanner with PhotoPad Software & 8 GB Memory Card - Convert 35mm, 110, 126, & Super 8 Film To Digital

Featuring a powerful 22MP system and a powerful PhotoPad software that will help you to generate quality scans hassle-free, ClearClick Virtuoso is a valuable slide and film scanner that converts 35mm, 110mm, 126mm, and super eight films to high quality digital scans with the click of a button. It is stable, has a high-performance design that interpolates the quality of old films to improve clarity, and has a standalone all in one design with a 128MB built in storage. Unlike some scanners that need a computer connection to work, you do not need one with this slide scanner. You also get a one-year full warranty, USA technical support, and a bonus 8GB memory card storage that you can use to store up to 2,000 digital photographs.

9. Pacific Image Electronics Scanner

Automated 35MM Slide Scanner

Recommended for heavy-duty scanning in commercial and or home environments, this scanner by Pacific Image Electronics is a fully automated 35MM model that supports batch scan of up to 50 50x50mm slide per session. It has a USB connectivity port for backing up files to USB drives. Its advanced 48-bit system produces quality 5000dpi scans, while the scratch and magic touch dust removal feature it comes with restore picture quality automatically to extract the best out of old photos. This scanners works fast and quietly.

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8. Magnasonic FS50

Magnasonic All-In-One High Resolution 22MP Film Scanner, Converts 126KPK-135-110-Super 8 Films, Slides and Negatives into Digital JPEGs, Vibrant 2.4 LCD Screen, Impressive 128MB Built-In Memory(FS50)

With an original Magnasonic Slide Scanner, you get a quality 22MP slide and film scanner with a versatile all in one system that produces high-resolution digital JPEGs fast. Its compact design is space efficient, last longer than some larger models in the market, and has a vibrant 2.4-inch LCD screen that you can use to review scans before backing up to media devices and or the built in 128MB memory that users get. All parts are well built and sturdy. Its compatibility with 135, 110, 126KPK, and super 8 slides is impressive, while the power-efficient system that buyers receive is not only quiet, but also conserves power. You also get a video out TV cable for projecting images directly on television screens, an SD card slot that you can use to boost storage space, and an easy to install plug and play interface.

7. Wolverine SNAP20

Wolverine SNAP20 20 Megapixels 35mm Slides Negatives and Photo to Digital Image Converter, Red

Wolverine SNAP20 is a unique standalone film, negative, and slide scanner with a powerful 20MP system, a durable plastic body, and an easy to use design that generated clear digital scan in less than five seconds. If you do not have a computer and or want to generate quality scans without spending a lot of money, this machine will work benefit you. It is affordable, reads directly from negative, 35mm slides, and photos, and has a simple push to scan technology that does not require a lot of skill to use. It is also plug and play, restores brightness and color balance well, and lasts longer than comparable models.

6. ION Film 2

ION Film 2 SD Plus Hi-Res 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner with SD card

For those shopping for new slide scanners but budget is a main challenge, ION Film 2 is a budget 14MP model that reads high resolution 35mm slides and negatives on demand. It is cheap, very easy to use, and has a versatile slide through design that transfers negative and sides directly on to SD cards without compromising their quality in any way. If you have a home studio, its compact and high performance design works clutter free. Its standalone design does not require computers to work, while its integrated USB port allows you to connect computers and even USB flash drives to improve its versatility further. You also get a large backlit LCD color display that allows you to review your scans on demand, while its color balanced and exposure controls and bundled image editing software allows you to edit and improve your photos further before scanning.

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5. SainSonic FS-02

SainSonic FS-02

Optimized for speed and clarity when converting both negative films and slides measuring up to 35mm, SainSonic FS-02 is a quality personal scanner that produces clear 5MP images in a few seconds. It is durable, has an advanced engine with a built in 2.4-inch LCD TFT screen for reviewing scans, and has three capture modes and exposure compensation and auto white balance features that you can use to improve quality of your scans further. If cash is a challenge, this scanner is affordable. The TV and USB out interfaces offered allow you to review scans on television and save to thumb drives, while the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty offered reflects its value.

4. Veho VFS-002M

Veho VFS-002m Slide & Negative Scanner for 35mm & 110 Instamatic Negatives

Do you have several 110 and 35mm instamatic negatives and scans that you want to review and or convert to clearer digital files? For the best experience without spending a hefty amount of money, Veho VFS-002M is a valuable laptop-powered model that works well with both old and new negatives and slides. It is plug and play, compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and has a compact and easy to use design with a powerful scan technology that works fast and quietly. It is also affordable and comes with a professional Media Impressions 6 software that you can use for data capture and editing of scanned images.

3. Wolverine F2D Mighty

Wolverine F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter

An advanced version of the liked Wolverine SNAP20 reviewed herein, Wolverine F2D Mighty is a powerful 7-in-1 film to digital scanner that generates clear 20MP scans with a click of a button. It is durable, accommodates negatives and several types of slides, and produces compact yet clear JPEG files that you can archive in your computer and or share on the Internet. It also has speed-load adapters that load slides and negatives fast without scratching, has a standalone design with built-in internal memory, and has a clear 2.4-inch color screen with manual and auto color and brightness adjustment features.

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2. Jumbl 22MP

Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner w-Speed-Load Adapters for 35mm Negative & Slides, 110, 126, & Super 8 Films

Instead of wasting money in a photo studio to get negatives developed or purchasing the poorly designed scanner that sell dirt-cheap in some stores, purchasing Jumbl 22MP is one of the bet decisions you can ever make. Even though simple, this all-in-one slide scanner is durable, and has a versatile system that reads slides, negatives, and films, and produces pristine digital files while lowering scan time significantly at the same time. With an original, you also get speed-load adapters that boost its functionality; a Windows and Macintosh-compatible technology; and a video out port for projecting images one TVs.

1. Wolverine F2D Super

Wolverine F2D Super 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter

Talking about slide scanners, this Super edition of the liked Wolverine F2D line of scanners tops our list of the best. It is four-in-one, has a unique digital conversion technology that works fast, and has speed-loading adapters that fits and loads 110, 35mm, super 8, and 126KPK slides and negatives for fast conversion. Wolverine F2D Super is standalone, work well with Mac and Windows OS, and supports SD/SDHC storage.

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