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Considered traditional and unnecessary by most women, shower caps are vital for those conscious about hair health. If you shower with ordinary water, for instance, these simple waterproof accessories protect hair from harsh chemicals such as chlorine. They also prevent water-induced hair damage and help wearers to retain hairstyles longer without developing annoying odors. This, however, does not mean all models offer the same level of service. While the cheap plastic models in stores offer some level of protection, our top 10 picks will offer you the best service. They are comfortable, fitting, and have lined interior that are perfect for showering, bathing, and sleeping.

10. Mademoiselle Paisley

Mademoiselle Paisley Bath Shower Cap ~ Long Short Hair ~ Elastic Comfort Edge ~ Fashionable, Practical, Functional

Recommended for protecting long and short hair whilst showering or bathing, Mademoiselle Paisley is currently the tenth best in stores. Featuring a well-finished comfort edge (rubberized) it fit various head shapes. Comfort level is admirable while its fashionable animal spot themed has a charming outlook that wearers appreciate. If you wear shower caps on beaches or in the gym, therefore, you will make a style statement with an original while enjoying its functionality at the same time. For optimal comfort, the water-resistant fabric used to make its exterior has a lined interior (waterproof) that cradles the head well. It also stretches to fit various head shapes/sizes and has a low profile seams that do not irritate users during wearing and removal.

9. Mademoiselle Designer

Mademoiselle Designer Shower Cap with Drawsting Pouch, Rosie Posie

Christened the Rosie Posie, Mademoiselle Designer is a stylish shower cap with a convenient drawstring closure system for customizing fit. Unlike traditional one-size caps that often slip under pressure; you do not have to worry about losing this cap whilst showering or swimming. The super-soft sateen used to make it, on the other hand, is light, comfortable, and has a waterproof lining that keeps the hair of users as dry as possible. Seams are also flat and non-irritant, while its fashionable design is ideal for protecting hair in rainy weather.

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8. FashionBoutique Reusable Cap

Fashion Design Stylish High Quality Reusable Shower cap with Beautiful pattern and color (Green(Cherry))

With this green and cherry-themed shower cap, you get a stylish reusable accessory that will improve how you shower at home. Unlike the poorly made plastic models that scratch the scalp and pull hair whilst in use, it is smooth and comfortable. Its stretchable full-size design is easy to wear and remove, while the superior water resistant barrier it creates protects hair well. Whether you want to keep chlorine and other chemicals out of your hair, protect coloring, or cover styles such as perm, this shower cap is ideal. It is comfortable and made of long lasting plastic vinyl that withstands several washes.

7. VANORIG Shower Cap

Waterproof Women Shower Caps Bath Cap VANORIG Cute Double Layer Satin Lined Shower Cap for Women ,Pack of 1 (Purple Heart)

Do you have a difficult time keeping water out of your hair whilst showering or bathing? The low-quality showering cap in your possession might be the culprit. Replace it with a new VANORIG model to witness and instant improvement for the following reasons. Featuring a water-resistant double-layered design, for instance, this satin-lined shower cap not only lasts long but also resists water better. The silky purple satin fabric used to make it, on the other hand, is fashionable and lays flat on the head for optimal comfort. Forget about the scratches and hair pulling your shower cap subjects you to whenever you are bathing or showering. Buyers get a 15-day warranty.

6. Niceeshop Reusable Cap

niceeshop(TM) Microfiber Double Layers Elastic Reusable Waterproof Bath Cap Shower Cap,Random Color

Reusable shower and bath caps are cost effective accessories that have served women well for years. With the advent of technology, their performance has gotten better with premium models such as Niceeshop attracting global attention. Made of double-layered microfiber, it is durable. It has a light PVC film that offered superior water resistance and an elastic rim that adjust to fit various head sizes (up to 36 centimeters). Whether you have short hair or long hair, therefore, this cap will fit you comfortably and improve how you protect your hair whilst showering. Niceeshop is easy to wash by hand or machine.

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5. Goody Styling Essentials

Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap, 3 count, Colors May Vary

Known for its comfortable multi-colored shower caps for women, Goody Styling Essentials is also an affordable brand that never disappoints. This three-count package, for instance, is a premium accessory with quality accessories that protect hairstyles well. Fit is comfortable and secure courtesy of their elastic edges, while their stylish modern looking designs are perfect for home use and traveling. All shower caps in this package are water-resistant and recommended for use on all hair types (long, short, or straight, curly, or treated).

4. Annie Blue Dot

Shower Cap - Blue Dot Pattern, Vinyl material, elastic band, extra large, large, won’t fall off your head

Designed to fit over all hairstyles, this blue dot-patterned shower cap from Annie is a comfortable accessory that fits snug. Unlike comparable extra-large models that slip and fall off the head whilst showering, you will never have a similar challenge with this cap. The vinyl fabric used to make it is premium. Rims are elastic and comfortable, while its affordability benefits women with a tight budget. Even though Annie Blue Dot has a frosty shower curtain look that does not work well outdoors, it performs better than some endorsed models.

3. Betty Dain Socialite

Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap, Houndstooth, 3.36 Ounce

Featured among the top 10 best shower caps reviewed in 2017, Betty Dain Socialite is a lightweight (3.36 ounce) cap with a reversible all-purpose design that lasts. Terry lined for optimal comfort and water absorption, it is perfect for bathing and showering. Styling (Houndstooth) is admirable while the water-resistant nylon used to make it is very easy to clean. If you lack enough money to spend on disposable shower caps, therefore, it is an ideal replacement. You can even use it for sleeping without scratching your skin or pulling hair.

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2. Betty Dain Hipster

Betty Dain Hipster Collection Mold Resistant Shower Cap, Tough Love

Made of an Eco-friendly and waterproof PEVA material, Betty Dain Hipster is a quality cap with a comfortable over-sized design. Designed to resist mildew and mold, you can re-use it several times without impairing personal health. Hems are elastic, comfortable, and have stylish highlights that improve its value and its unique wide topped design ideal for securing both short and long hair.

1. Betty Dain Fashionista

Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap, Deco Dots, 2.8 Ounce

Betty Dain Fashionista is a lightweight (2.8 ounce) and fully lined (PEVA) shower cap with stylish deco dot prints that do not fade over time. Waterproof (100%), the premium nylon used to manufacture this shower cap resists the growth of molds well. Its oversized design fits various hair thicknesses and lengths, while it elasticized hem is comfortable and has stylish accents that enhance its charm.

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