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With the diversity of bathroom toiletries (bathing soap, shower gel, toothpaste, and bating sponges, for instance) stuck in homes, clutter is a common challenge that most people do not know how to manage. Even though expanding bathrooms and or installing additional shelves are workable solutions, those that want cheap and effective remedies that they can use on an everyday basis should consider buying a shower caddie. Even though simple, they are spacious and have durable and functional designs that offer sufficient storage for all toiletries. They are also affordable, very easy to setup, and are designed to resist rust and corrosion over time. The top 10 best include:

10. Tenby Living

Tenby Living Extra-Wide Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool with Removable Non-Slip C

Perfect for use in contemporary and traditional bathrooms, Tenby Living is a stylish three-shelf shower organizer caddie with a compact and durable design perfect for everyday use. It is durable, affordable, and is manufactured using a heavy duty and stain resistant plastic that will serve you well for long. All shelves are spacious, sturdy, and have draining holes that keep components dry and ready to use. They are also mold-resistant, have adjustable heights (24.21″ to 28.15-inch) that you can customize to fit the products in your possession, and have a convenient click-to-connect system that eases setup.

9. Mayin Quick Bath Organizer

Quick Dry Hanging Toiletry and Bath Organizer with 8 Storage Compartments, Shower Tote, Mesh Shower Caddy, Perfect Dorm, Gym, Camp & Travel Tote Bag, Black

Cost effective, durable, and with a novel dry hang design that works well in tiny spaces, this Bath Organizer by Mayin is a versatile mesh shower caddy with eight storage compartments that you can use to organize your bathroom toiletries. The high density mesh used to manufacture it is durable, breathable, and has a water-resistant design that does not wet nor lose its shape when exposed to water. Stitching is top-grade. Its light and travel worthy design benefits campers and individuals who travel often while the comfortable carry material that it comes with eases transport of toiletries. Mayin Quick Bath Organizer is affordable, and mold and mildew resistant.

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8. DecoBros Shower Caddy

DecoBros Shower Caddy, Chrome

Featuring a sturdy and improved design that is perfect for storing razors, shower sponges, toothbrushes, and all other bath accessories, DecoBros is a high-grade shower caddy that retails for a few dollars in most stores. It is durable, resists rust and corrosion over time, and has a secure suction-based system that hugs wall well to protect toiletries from tumbling without warming. It also has a non-slip grip that secures your toiletries well and a spacious 18H x 11W x 5D-inch design that enhanced storage space without cluttering bathrooms.

7. Zenna Home 7446SS

Zenna Home 7446SS, Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy, Chrome

Do you have serious space limitations in your bathroom? Are you looking to improve storage space for your toiletries without paying for a hefty home renovation job? Zenna Home 7446SS is an affordable over-the-shower head caddy with an aesthetic chrome theme that complements contemporary décor and or fixtures in bathrooms. It is durable, has a space efficient and expandable design that you can use to store your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and sponge without compromising elegance. The four large baskets offered allow you to categories toiletries as needed. It also has a non-slip swivel-lock collar for stability, a center hook that secures shower hoses when not in use and a compact and low profile design that eliminates clutter well.

6. Zenna Home 2104W

Zenna Home 2104W, Bathtub and Shower Tension Corner Caddy, White

Perfect for use in showers and bathtubs, Zenna Home 2104W is a sturdy white-themed corner caddy with a spacious four-shelf design that fits ceiling heights up to 8-feet one-inch high. This caddy is USA-made. Shelves are adjustable, self draining, and have a rust-resistant finish, while its large capacity offers sufficient storage for several types of toiletries (soap, shower gel, bathing sponges, and toothbrushes, for instance) without cluttering space. As most caddies in the market, set up and installation is straightforward, while its ability to resist rust and suppress growth of molds and mildew is novel.

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5. Command Small Shower Caddy

Command Small Shower Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips

Even though this shower caddy by Command is smaller than most models listed herein, it is not only durable, but also has a quality design with four water-resistant strips Installation and removal is simple without scratching and of lowering the integrity of tile or wall in any way. Its stability is perfect for storing heavier accessories such a shower gels, while its ability to work well in humid, wet, and hot environments has made it a perfect product for use in homes. If money is a challenge, this Small Shower Caddy is affordable. It is also easy to maintain and does not clutter space as some comparable shower caddies.

4. Zenna Home 7803SS

Zenna Home 7803SS, Over-the-Shower Door Caddy, Chrome

An updated version of the Zenna Home 2104W listed herein, Zenna Home 7803SS is a convenient over the shower door caddy with a spacious and easy to install design that works well in several types of showers. The heavy-gauge wire used to make it is durable and has a stylish chrome finish that lowers the risk of rust and corrosion. Its shelves adjust to contain several types of toiletries, while its convenient soap dish and integrated hooks for poufs and washcloths rank it among the most versatile products in this category. It also has an easy to install no-tool design and a flat and space-saving 2.5-inch body

3. YaeloDesign Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy - Quick Dry Hanging Dorm Shower Caddy - Gym Shower Caddy - Hanging Toiletry Bag - Shower Tote - Shower Caddies Organizer - Shower Bag 7 Storage Totes Compartments - Shower Tote - Green

Favored in most top 10 best shower caddies in 2017 reviews, YaeloDesign is a durable shower caddy bag with a large seven-compartment design, perfect for storing shower gels, razors, and even toothpaste without cluttering space. It is durable, made of a mold-resistant and fast drying fabric, and has a striking green theme that blends well in bathrooms without staining and or losing its aesthetic value over time. Seams are tight and tear proof. The double woven handle it comes with is also sturdy and eases hanging and carrying around in homes. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for an original caddy.

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2. InterDesign Raphael

InterDesign Raphael Bathroom Shower Caddy for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap - Satin

Designed for storing, conditioner, shampoo, soap, and several other toiletries, InterDesign Raphael is a satin-themed caddy with a space efficient dual basket design that does not clutter bathrooms. The six sturdy hooks offered are perfect for storing face towels and sponges. The non-slip showerhead grip that it comes with contains shower heads well, while its durable and easy to install steel design also has rustproof satin finish that prolongs its life significantly. You will net regret purchasing.

1. Zenna Home 2130NN

Zenna Home 2130NN, Tension Corner Pole Caddy, Satin Nickel

Top on our list, Zenna Home 2130NN is a convenient corner pole caddy with an aesthetic and protective satin finish, a stable ceiling mounting 12.25 in W x 97 in H x 8.75 in D) body, and four self-draining baskets that keep components dry and well aerated to lower the risk of growing molds and mildew. Installation is relatively simple and its durability impressive.

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