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If you are planning of going out to shop for a pair of scissors to use for trimming, cutting, or for doing other household duties where you need them, it could become hard for you to tell apart the best from the rest, owing to the countless models that flood the market. But no, this article makes it easier for you to land the best deal out there, by bringing you the top 10 best scissors reviewed, from which you will select one, and enjoy excellent performance ever imagined of any pair of scissors. Read on and discover the best of the year.

10. KLOUD City Professional Scissor/Shear

KLOUD City Professional Scissor Shear

This is one professional and top grade thinning scissor-and-shear combo that has an innovative flat-blade and teeth design which is very reliable. It is ideal for cutting hairs since it’s made of extra-sharp stainless steel, while having durable cutting edges which never dulls nor chips easily, even after longtime usage. Buy this brand and you will get a functional, branded shear set, plus sliver cleaning cloth to use when polishing.

9. Pinking Shears Zig Zag Cut Sewing Scissor

Pinking Shears Zig Zag Cut Sewing Scissor

The Zig Zag scissor from Pinking Shears is a highly advanced sewing model that is just 5-ounces of weight. It’s long lasting and quite easy to maneuver, and features nicely built grips for comfort when handling, eliminating wrist and hand fatigue when you are crafting, dressmaking, or on paper-craft projects. The premium quality stainless steel used in making the blade is always sharp, and its PP handle is ergonomic.

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8. Suvorna Ador 3126 Cutting Shear/Scissor

Suvorna Ador 3126 Cutting Shear Scissor

It is a 6-inch razor-edge scissor, a premium accessory that is hand-made from quality JP 420-forged Japanese stainless-steel. This is a durable and rust resistant material that doesn’t dul easily. The scissors has a convex razor-edge hollow for prolonging its life. For greater comfort, the scissors feature a non-irritant and detachable gold plated finger rest. The pair also has a rubber insert that’s removable, a gold-plated easy-grip knurled knob offering better handling, and a responsive tension adjustment system. It comes with a synthetic leather pouch that’s sturdy enough for safe transportability and easy storage.

7. ZZZRT Polish Razor Edge Titanium Hairdressing Barber Salon Scissor/Shear

ZZZRT Polish Razor Edge Titanium Hairdressing Barber Salon Scissor or Shear

The 5.5 inch ZZZRT Polish silver scissor is a fairly priced yet very valuable product that no doubt serves any user to their satisfaction. It is made from durable J2 forged stainless steel form Japan, featuring a hand crafted design with better edge-retention, and removable finger rings for comfort and reducing lower irritation when you use for long. It comes with a ground razor-edge convex hollow to provide stability, a finger rest that is easily removable, and a Rexine pouch for secure storage given for free.

6. PhysiciansCare 90292 Titanium Bonded Bandage Shear

PhysiciansCare 90292 Titanium Bonded Bandage Shear

PhysicianCare 90292 is bondage-bandage shears recommended by physicians, and featuring a special 7-inch blunt tip useful in cutting tape, bandages, clothing, and paper, too. It’s an easy to use and light model that is made of long lasting bonded titration. It is very comfortable using, featuring nicely designed comfort grips, and it is an affordable one.

5. Utopia Care Black Hair Cutting Shear/Scissor

Utopia Care Black Hair Cutting Shear or Scissor

With 6.5 inches of length, this barber grade scissor is a professionally made accessory perfect for hair cutting. Its sharp 100 percent Japanese stainless-steel blade has an elite convex hollow ground edges which are tarnish and rust proof. It’s durable, easy to disinfect, and you get a zippered leather bag to help reduce the risk of accidental cuts and for maintaining its sharpness when storing. Other great features are the comfortable finger inserts as well as the 100 percent money-back guarantee.

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4. Pridebit Kitchen Scissor

Pridebit Kitchen Scissor

Famously used by both professional and novice cooks the world over, this multifunctional and easily come-apart kitchen scissor is perfect for bottle opening, cutting, snipping, and also scaling fish. It features a magnetic holder that is quite durable, sharp and easy to clean and disinfect stainless steel blades, as well as finger inserts that are comfortable to lower hand/wrist fatigue. It is an easy to sharpen scissor and is protected by 100 percent user’s guarantee—a testament of irreproachable quality.

3. Goody Classic All Purpose Hair Cutting Scissor

Goody Classic All Purpose Hair Cutting Scissor

Goody Classic is a 6.5-inch long, all purpose hair cutting scissor which also performs excellently in styling as well as doing cloth or paper craft projects. It is fit for cutting any type of hair, for it features super sharp stainless-steel blades, and has ergonomic finger inserts that provide comfort when cutting. It is a scissor model that no doubt will serve you satisfactorily for long.

2. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Scissor/Shear

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Scissor or Shear

To get a smooth and flawless cutting or trimming experience, go for Equinox razor-edge series. It is one of the most sought after brands for it offers excellent performance with its Japanese stainless steel design and overall great ease of use. It comes covered with a lifetime guarantee, and features fine-adjustment tension screw that allows you make slight customizations for your comfort, as well as comfortable/convenient finger rests, making its use an enjoyable experience.

1. Utopia Care 6.5-Inch Hair Cutting Shear/Scissor

Utopia Care 6.5-Inch Hair Cutting Shear or Scissor

With comfortable and convenient finger inserts, super sharp 100 percent Japanese stainless steel blades, and an adjustable tension system, this is a long lasting 6.5-inch razor-edge scissor that is designed to provide ultimately excellent styling and cutting. It further features a responsive spring leaf tension adjustment system for correct customizations, convex hollow ground blades for stability, as well as removable rubber grip handles for added comfort when using.

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Well, there always will be many scissor models on the market form other brands, but none will beat the above highlighted models of scissors in terms of performance, comfort when using, safety, and durability even after longtime use.

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