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Most drivers hate driving cold cars during winter. While heating systems keep drivers comfortable, they take a bit of time to heat up, which often frustrates drivers. Fear not, however. With a remote car starter, you can easily start your car remotely and let it idle to heat up naturally. The 10 models talked of herein are also cheaper than block heaters.

10. Viper 4706v

Viper 4706v 2-Way LCD Remote Start System

A pioneer in the vehicle remote start niche, Viper has a plethora of advanced products that have made life a little bit easier for millions globally. For those looking to improve how the commute on a daily basis and remote starters rank among your list of wants, consider Viper 4706v. Powered by an internal battery, it offers hands-free convenience. Its range of operation is approximately one mile, while its advanced two-way system features an easy-to-use five-button controller that betters its performance further. Viper 4706v is durable and features an advanced active temperature check technology that notifies you when your vehicle is suitable to board.

9. Python 5706P Responder

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security with Remote Start System

Featuring an advanced LC3 SST security system with a remote start technology, Python 5706P Responder is necessary car accessory for individuals that depend on their vehicles for everyday commuting. Manufactured by Directed Electronics, this five-button accessory has a durable slim outlook that fits comfortable in the hand. The vibration, icon, tone and text notifications confirm commands, while its impressive one-mile range enables you to start your vehicle from a distance without compromising its safety and or performance. At work or school, therefore, you can park with confidence that your car is safe. During cold winter months, you can also start your car remotely and set it to idle to heat up 5-10 minutes before you venture on your journey.

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8. Crimestopper RS4-G5 Cool Start

Crimestopper RS4-G5 Cool Start 1-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System with Trunk Pop

With Crimestopper RS4-G5 Cool Start, you get a versatile three in one accessory that consists of a trunk pop, keyless car entry system, and a remote start feature. Even though one-way, its superior performance appeals to most car owners. The brushed metal used to make its body is both stylish and durable, while its programmable options (31) enables users to customize its performance to suit their needs. For instance, you can instance, program it to start your car automatically. You can also schedule run-times and switch controls (five buttons) as needed without impairing its functionality. Crimestopper RS4-G5 Cool Start has an easy-to-use Mobile Start port that works well with most phones and an operating distance of approximately 2000 feet.

7. Performance Tool W80586

Performance Tool W80586 Heavy Duty Remote Starter

Forget about the brittle remote start systems that often crumble under pressure when used daily. To get a heavy duty and reliable models that will serve you as needed every time, Performance Tool W80586 is the product for you. Whilst slightly larger and somewhat traditional than some models, its ability to read and display car codes, ability to clear error codes, and the protected high current clips offered make it worth buying. Leads (5-inches) are also long and designed to resist grease and oil, while its high-current push button has a reliable long life design that withstands years of abuse.

6. Bulldog RS82-I

Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter - Automatic Transmissions only

Bulldog RS82-I takes the stress out of remote car starting. Fully automated, for instance, its ability to transmit date at ranges of up to 400 feet in all environmental conditions makes it ideal for use during winter and summer. The durable two-button remote (with dedicated stop and start buttons) offered is very easy to use, while the convenience it offers for sedan and SUV owners has made it a sought-after remote starter globally. Bulldog RS82-I is attainable and a full Do It Yourself installation kit with a detailed instructional DVD (video) that guides users on its proper installation.

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5. Mobile Accessories FORTIN

Factory OEM Remote Activated Plug and Play Remote Start for Select 2008-2014 Ford

Do you own a 2008 to 2014 Ford that you use to commute often? To exploit the value of remote starters without sacrificing car safety, buy Mobile Accessories FORTIN to get a plug-and-play OEM remote starter, specially designed for Fords. Even though some individuals find its tedious activation (three presses) and the need for two OEM keys frustrating, its reliable and flash programmable system makes it a worthy buy. It also retails assembled and ready to use, and has broad compatibility with most Ford cars and Crimestopper RF antennas.

4. AutoPage C3-RS730LCD

AutoPage C3-RS730LCD 4-Channel 5-Button Chrome LCD Alarm with Remote Car Starter

A major contender for the top 10 best remote starters reviewed 2017; AutoPage C3-RS730LCD is a five-button four-channel car alarm system with a plethora of valuable accessories including a remote car starter and on-board relays for car ignition systems and parking lights. Chrome-themed, its stylish outlook appeals to most individuals. The smart leather strap on its end is perfect for storage or installing key rings, while its spacious LCD screen has a selectable 7-colour backlighting that you can customize to reflect your character. AutoPage C3-RS730LCD also has a shock sensor (dual stage) and a two-way paging transceiver with a 433.9-megahertz range.

3. Viper 4105V

Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System

Do not waste your money on an expensive block heater to keep maintain an ambient environment in your vehicle. With this one-way Viper 4105V remote start system; you will be able to start your key automatically at ranges of up to 1500 feet without lags or performance issues. Perfect for use with hybrid, diesel, and fuel injected vehicles (automatic transmission), its versatility is a major strength. Setup is simple, while the durable four-button remote offered features an advanced panic mode, code hopping, and clone safe technologies for safety. Whether you want to be able to start your car remotely, pop its trunk, or do intricate functions such as lowering windows and locking/unlocking doors, Viper 4105V never disappoints.

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2. AVITAL 5303L

AVITAL 5303L Security-Remote Start System

Considered among the best, AVITAL 5303L is a multi-level remote start and security system with a convenient keyless design that enables individuals to operate vehicles remotely. Able to support both passive and active arming, its performance is relatively unmatched. The four-button remote and LCD remote offered are light and easy to operate. The four AUX ports offered enable users to set up sensors and inputs at various locations of vehicles, while its advanced panic mode not only flashes parking lights but also triggers a loud alarm.

1. Avital 4103LX

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote

Even though Avital 4103LX requires a BYPASS module to work well, the advanced remote start system it employs has earned it the top spot on our review. Attainable as a package of two remote transmitters and two four-button remotes, setup is simple. Its panic and valet modes operate seamlessly, while its novel D2D compatible system work well with most vehicles. Unfortunately, you have to pay a professional to install Avital 4103LX for you to enjoy its full benefits.

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