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For years, projection clocks have remained sought-after for home and office use for many reasons. Their accuracy (mainly because of the SelfSet technology that most models have), for instance, is admirable. Styling is also impeccable while their ability to project dates and time on walls and ceilings not only creates a stunning light show but also eases viewing of such metrics. To get a valuable model that offers these and many other benefits, read on for an analysis of the top10 best in 2017:

10. Ambient Weather WS-8400

Ambient Weather WS-8400 Projection Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Color Changing Display

Featuring a large and color changing display, a sturdy plastic construction, and an accurate projection clock that works excellently on walls and ceilings, Ambient Weather WS-8400 is a premium accessory that also displays outdoor and indoor temperatures on the same screen. If you live in an environment that is 4000 feet above sea levels, the barometer offered delivers accurate statics that you can use for planning. Backlighting is ambient while its elegant design blends well in homes without creating an eyesore nor cluttering personal space. Ambient Weather WS-8400 is battery-powered and attainable cheap in stores.

9. PPLEE Projection Dual Alarm Clock

PPLEE 1.8 Inch LED Dimmable Projection Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging,Battery Backup,Sleep Timer,Snooze

A reputable all-in-one projection clock (alarm, timer, and FM) globally, PPLEE is also durable and has a large (1.8-inches) and dimmable LED screen that works well in all light conditions. The FM radio offered sounds well and has a sleep timer that shuts it off automatically when set. The dual alarm system (with snooze) offered allows individuals to set two wake times while its advanced 180-degree projection function (swivel) enable you to view its clock directly on your wall. Other admirable attributes are its high-speed USB charging technology, built-in memory for settings and radio stations, and a battery backup that maintains its accuracy in the event of an electrical outage.

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8. Ambient Weather WS-8365

Ambient Weather WS-8365 ClearView Projection Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

Featuring an advanced ClearView technology that improves display and a novel projector that beams time, indoor temperature, and outdoor temperature on walls and ceilings, Ambient Weather WS-8365 is a top rated projector clock with many advanced features. The focus adjustment dial it comes with, for instance, improves the clarity of projection in all environments. It also has a reversible projector (180 degrees) for optimizing view, a large and backlit screen that displays accurate time, calendar, and temperature metrics, and a dedicated snooze button that you can use effortlessly without getting out of bed.

7. Mesqool Digital Clock Radio

Mesqool Digital Dual Alarm FM Dimmable Projection Clock Radio 1.8 Inch LED Display with USB Charging,Snooze,Sleep Timer,Battery Backup Functions

Mesqool is a digitized clock and radio combo with a high-speed USB charging port, a battery backup function, and a bright LED display (1.8-inches) that is easy to read during the day and at night. Equipped with a dual alarm (for setting two different wake times), this versatile household accessory works well. Its projection function, on the other hand, swivels over a 180-degree orientation for a custom view (on walls and ceilings) while its high and low dimmer switch enabled you to customize brightness to your desired level. If you enjoy listening to music or radio programs whilst in bed, the AM and FM radio that this one of a kind clock comes with is clear and has a memory function for saving your preferred stations.

6. Oregon Scientific RM308PA

Oregon Scientific RM308PA Simple Atomic Projection Clock

Even though simple, this Atomic RM308PA projection clock from Oregon Scientific is a valuable accessory with an aesthetic silver theme that blends well in homes. Measuring 5.25 x 10 x 2.5-inches, it is space efficient. The quality plastic used to make it is durable and attainable in a choice of colors while its battery-powered design is not only super convenient but also recommended for everyday travel. Time projection (on walls and ceilings) is clear. The buzzer alarm offered has a functional snooze function while its large LCD screen works well in all environments.

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5. Ambient Weather RC-8427

Ambient Weather RC-8427 Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature

With Ambient Weather RC-8427, you get an advanced radio controlled projection clock with a loud alarm and a thermometer that tracks indoor temperature. The clear view projector it comes with is bright, works well on all surfaces, and has a focus adjustment dial that you can use to customize its outlook on demand. It is also reversible (180 degrees) for optimal viewing and does not lose its functionality over the years as some poorly designed models. With an original, you also get a clear backlit screen and a SelfSet feature that synchronizes its date and time with the US Atomic clock using radio signals.

4. Magnasonic MAG-MM178K

Magnasonic MAG-MM178K AM or FM Projection Clock Radio with Dual Alarm, Auto Time Set or Restore, Motion Activated Snooze, Temperature Display and Battery Backup

Featuring a novel dual alarm system and a digital Am/FM radio that works well in all environments, Magnasonic MAG-MM178K remains sought-after because of its functionality. Setup of its clock, dual alarms, and projector, for instance, are straightforward. Temperature display is accurate while its touch-activated display, sleep, and snooze better the experience of users further. Instead of grappling with buttons of hidden switches to achieve the foregoing, a simple tap of its body does the trick. Magnasonic MAG-MM178K is durable and designed to project on both ceilings and walls.

3. Oregon Scientific RM313PNA

Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Self-Setting Projection Clock, Silver

Compact, aesthetic (silver themed), and with a self-setting technology that maintains its accuracy and reliability over the years, RM313PNA from Oregon Scientific is an atomic projection clock with an indoor temperature measurement function that works accurately in all environments. Attainable cheap in stores, it has won the hearts of many individuals globally. Projection is clear (red digits) and customizable while its Crescendo alarm is loud and features an eight-minute snooze function that you can use to prolong sleep for a few minutes. Oregon Scientific RM313PNA has a dual power source (AC adapter and 2 AA batteries) and has a limited one-year guarantee.

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2. Electrohome Projection Clock Radio

Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm, 1.2 LED Display for Smartphones & Tablets (EAAC475)

Popular in top 10 best projection clocks in 2016 reviews, this clock radio from Electrohome has a premium dual alarm system, a battery backup function, and a blue LED display (1.2 inches) that is easy to read during the day and night. Time setting is automated. The US port offered has a high-speed charging technology that powers phones to capacity safely while its digitized radio and adjustable projector (180 degrees) work well in all settings. Buyers also appreciate its programmable dual alarm and ability to play musical files directly from smart devices such as phones and tablets.

1. Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock with Battery Backup and Audio Input

To get value for money, this projection alarm clock for Electrohome tops our list. Featuring both audio input and battery backup, its functionality and accuracy are admirable. Sound output is clear, while its blue-backlit LCD screen is not only large (3.5-inches) but also has a dimmable design that you can customize to your preference. The swivel projectors (180 degrees) offered, on the other hand, works well on both walls and ceilings while its AM/FM radio and 3.5mm AUX port improve how individuals entertain at home.

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