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Are you planning for a landscaping job for your home or office environment? Are you shopping for aesthetic and functional path light that you can use to illuminate gardens and pathways and or illuminating outdoor accents? Many innovative models are currently available online with the 10 models reviewed here in topping the list of the best in the market. They are durable, made of high-quality and durable components, and have professional grade designs that offer valuable service for years. To make an informed decision, read on for a detailed analysis of their major benefits and their most desirable features.

10. HGTV Home 8-Piece Solar Pathway Lights

HGTV Home 8-Piece Solar Pathway Lights

Unlike in the past when landscaping was a complicated task that many people left for professionals, the advent of functional pathway lights such as HGTV Home has eased the practice significantly. If you are renovating your home and choose this set of path lights, you get eight quality accessories designed for use outdoors. They are aesthetic, have power efficient 1.2-volt systems that light up gardens for up to eight hours on full charge, and a rechargeable design that is easy to install with a set of standard tools. They shine bright, draw power from rechargeable 400 mAh Ni-MH battery packs, and have large 5.9-inch by 18.4-inch designs that offer greater coverage.

9. Ohuhu Garden Lights

Ohuhu Garden Lights

Ohuhu is a package of 8 path light that works on patios, driveways, gardens, and decks. They are durable, has wireless electrical systems that are easy to setup, and have automated systems that turn on automatically at night and then turn off automatically at dawn. This saves power than many home owners often waste whenever they forget to switch off outdoor lights on their way to work. All lights are water, fade, and UV-resistant. They are also aesthetic, feature white LED bulbs that illuminate for up to eight hours on a single charge, and have a black finish that blends with surroundings. Ohuhu offers 1-year replacement warranty and 30-day return policy for them.

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8. LampLust Set of Six Solar Path Light

LampLust Set of Six Solar Path Light

If you are renovating your landscape and choose this set of six path light by LampLust, you get well-made, professional grade accessories made of heavy-duty stainless steel. They are durable, have ergonomic garden stakes for easier installation, and have well-designed and well-wired electrical systems that generate approximately four lumens of warm white light. All lamps have durable LED bulbs. They also has 2-volt 60MA solar panels for recharging their built-in batteries, automated on and off systems, and a large 6.13-inch by13-inch design that offer greater coverage at night. These lights are reliable, affordable, and offers valuable service for years.

7. SolarTronX1x Large Super Bright Path Lights

SolarTronX1x Large Super Bright Path Lights

As its name suggests, SolarTronX1x is a set of 24 large and super-bright path light, designed for lighting gardens, landscapes, and even decks. They are LED powered, has a contemporary-looking silver theme many people find eye-catching, and powerful systems that offer plenty of illumination if installed as needed. The stainless steel used to manufacture each light is durable. It is rust and corrosion-resistant, does not fade nor lose its overall appeal over time, and protects electrical components from water damage during rainy seasons. Other notable attributes are the eight hours of illumination offered per charge and the 12-months warranty offered.

6. Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Path Light

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Path Light

Moonrays 91754 Richmond is a pack of two solar powered path lights with a striking rubbed bronze theme. They are durable, 24 times brighter than most traditional and contemporary models in the market, and have a sturdy metal construction that resists environmental elements such as water and direct sunshine well. If you are renovating your home and optimal illumination is of primary concern, this model will serve you best. The lamps are easy to install, have ribbed lenses that offer 180-degree coverage, and are rechargeable.

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5. Frostfire Solar Ice Rocks Path and garden Solar Lights

Frostfire Solar Ice Rocks Path and garden Solar Lights

Sought-after worldwide, Frostfire is a pack of three path and garden solar light that work well in outdoor environments. They charge fast. Their well-designed LED systems illuminate pathways and dark areas excellently, while their waterproof construction prevents vital components from water damage. Because of their wireless systems, this set of lights is very easy to install. Unlike most traditional models that required hard wiring from electrical sources, all you have to do is pick a suitable spot and poke them inside the ground under direct sunlight. Out of the box, each light measures 7cm by 7cm by 5cm. They are affordable and offer approximately five to eight hours.

4. GardenJoy Set of 10 Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

GardenJoy Set of 10 Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

GardenJoy is a set of 10 LED powered solar path and garden lights that work well in driveways, patios, and decks. Their wireless systems are very easy to install. They are also durable, manufactured using the best quality parts, and have and energy saving function that not only enhances their performance, but also longevity. These lights are super-bright. Once installed as needed, they will illuminate your walkways and or garden, allowing you to walk with a peace of mind at night. They are also rust and corrosion resistant and come backed by a 100% 365-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

3. Paradise GL22764BK Cast Aluminum 11-Watt Three Tier Path Light

Paradise GL22764BK Cast Aluminum 11-Watt Three Tier Path Light

Designed for optimal performance and power efficiency, Paradise GL22764BK is a low voltage black-themed 11-watt path light with a novel three-tier design. It is aesthetic, manufactured using high-grade cast aluminum, and has a leak and UV resistant design that lasts long. You also get a durable frosted plastic lens, a super bright 12-volt lighting system that illuminates landscapes well, and an ergonomic snap-fit design that is easy to install and use. This lamp is UL-certified, fade-proof, and comes backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

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2. Sol Mar 10 Pack Solar Path Lights

Sol Mar 10 Pack Solar Path Lights

Designed and manufactured by Solmar Corp., Sol Mar is a pack of 10 solar path lights that offer efficient outdoor lighting on a budget. They are durable, solar powered, and offer approximately eight hours of quality lighting at full capacity. They are easy to install, work maintenance-free, and accentuate the beauty of landscapes well without harming the environment. They are also cost effective, versatile, and among the most recommended for home use.

1. Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar-Powered LED Path Light

Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar-Powered LED Path Light

This pack of eight Moonrays 91381 Payton LED path lights tops our list of the best in 2015. The quality plastic used to manufacture their case is durable. It is waterproof, fade and corrosion-resistant, and aesthetic. Their wide design offer 12-inches of illumination, while the 2.4 lumen LED bulbs used to make them are not only durable, but also serve users for many years.

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