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Throughout history, breastfeeding has been tabooed in many cultures, but eventually gained acceptance for the most part. In Japan, mothers would give birth at home and breastfeed aided by breast massages. In Europe, royalties considered too common to breastfeed their babies so a wet nurse’ would be hired. The early to mid 1900s say a decline in breastfeeding due to the notion held that it was an outdated act only practice by illiterate and backward members of society. Numerous laws have been implemented across the world to allow for breastfeeding in public as a baby may need to be fed at any time while the mother is travelling.

In recent time breastfeeding in public has been accepted by the majority but most mothers find it uncomfortable. This made it difficult for these mothers to travel with their babies and someone decided to do something about it. Introducing the stylish and versatile, Nursing Cover! The Nursing Cover is a simple product that does exactly what it was made for. Made from soft, plush fabric adorn with beautiful patterns, it hangs around the mother’s neck like an apron covering the breast and baby while breastfeeding.

Amazon.com carries a wide range of nursing covers to satisfy any mother and this is a list of their top ten products:

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10. Vlokup Baby Nursing Cover Flower

Having a huge discount makes this nursing cover a great deal to buy especially since it’s a great product. It features breathable fabric made of 100% cotton and flexible sizing that fits all. Stainless D-rings allow for full adjustment of the neckline giving comfort and interaction with the baby. It sports a handy pocket made of cotton and can be machine washed.

9. Discreet Nursing- Privacy Nursing Cover

This full front and back nursing cover is held on by shoulder snaps and is made from a special organic fabric that stretches for more comfort. The fabric is lightweight and protects from, odor, allergens, and microbes and can be used as a blanket, scarf or sunshade.

8. Udder Covers Porter Print

Simple and elegant, the Udder Covers Porter Print an excellent choice for a mother on a budget. The neckline is rigid and allows eye contact with your baby while you breastfeed. The breathable fabric is made of 100% cotton and held by stainless steel rings which allow for neckline adjustability. When it’s time to get it clean no worries, just drop it in the machine for a quick spin.

7. Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – Alexandria

This nursing cover has patented Rigiflex Neckline which prevents wear and tear of fabric and also permits ventilation and viewing of the baby. It is made with 100% soft cotton and sports adjustable neck strap and internal pocket.

6. Booby Trapper – Sophistication

As the name suggests, the booby Trapper literally rims with sophistication as it boasts a dual rim design that extends along the bust line. It also features full air circulation and easy sight and access to your precious one. The ability to quickly fold up in a compact form and a generous size tops off the features of the wonderful product.

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5. Milkmade Nursing Cover

This nursing cover features a unique Peek a boo flap that allows mom to see her baby with ease. This flap also double as a pocket for small accessories and can also be used as a burp cloth. It features 100% white organic cotton underside for your baby’s utter comfort.

4. Jennifer Jane, Sophie’ Nursing Cover

The Jennifer Jane Sophie’ is an innovative and flexible nursing cover made of soft, breathable performance polyester. It provides full front and back coverage, while the anti-wrinkle material allows it to cover your car seat as well.

3. Nursing Cover by Belly Armor – Mint

This high style nursing cover starts with rigid neckline flanked by contoured shoulder straps with easy adjustment. The light-weight nursing cover is accented with two pockets and can be thrown in the machine for a spin.

2. Chateau Silver Bebe Nursing Cover

The elegant Chateau Silver features patented RigiFlex TM neckline which allows for unrestricted access to baby. The convenient cloth pocket stows your trinkets and the 100% cotton fabric makes a truly multi-purpose nursing cover.

1. Full Cover Nursing Poncho by Duckery Kids

Elegance, functionality and comfort describe the Poncho by Duckery kids. The lightweight, breathable material provides full front and back coverage with extreme comfort and includes front buttons for easy access to baby. This is a great nursing cover for an affordable price.

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