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Popular among electricians, jewelry designers, and network engineers, needle nose pliers (also known as long nose or pointy nose pliers) are versatile handheld accessories that are perfect for snipping wires, positioning wires, and bending delicate stuff. Even though smaller than other models, their durability and versatility have attracted them global attention. Storage and transportation are also easy because of their compact designs and operation simple because of their lightness and ergonomics. With their reputation at an all-time high all over the world, several notable models are currently available in stores, each with its strengths. To get a well-constructed and well-balanced model that you will enjoy using, however, the 10 products listed herein are among the best of the best in this niche.

10. Xcelite NN7776V

Xcelite NN7776V Long Needle Nose Plier with Green Cushion Grip Handle, Serrated Jaw

Considered among the best needle nose pliers currently available in the market, Xcelite NN7776V is a long (6-inch) handed held tool with a serrated 2-5/16-inch jaw that handles cutting, bending, and stripping jobs well. Even though thin, the nose is durable and designed to withstand abuse well. Its handles are ergonomic and have cushioned rubberized grips that improve stability, while its striking green theme is not only aesthetic but also eases location in the dark. With an original, you also get a hardened and symmetrical steel body with no gaps and or misalignment that might impair its functionality over time.

9. Hakko CHP PN-2007

Hakko CHP PN-2007 Long-Nose Pliers, Flat Nose, Flat Outside Edge, Serrated Jaws, 32mm Jaw Length, 3mm Nose Width, 3mm Thick Steel

Featuring an ergonomic long nose design with serrated jaws and a flat outside edge that penetrates hard to reach areas well, Hakko CHP PN-2007 is a popular hand tool mainly because of its functionality and overall build quality. With a jaw length of approximately 32mm long (3mm wide), the diversity of the projects that you can do with this one of a kind tool is limitless. Construction is also durable using a heat-treated 3mm thick carbon steel, while its cushioned and non-conductive handles (dolphin-style) are not only comfortable but also improves the safety of the user when doing specialized or general-purpose electrical applications. Finally, to offer better glare corrosion resistance, all surfaces are Parkerized.

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8. Stanley 84-101

Stanley 84-101, 6 Inch Basic Long Nose Cutting Plier

With Stanley 84-101, you get a long nose cutter pliers with a sturdy 6-inch design that penetrates tight and hard to reach areas well. If you do basic wiring or electrical jobs often and want the best experience, you will never regret buying one from a reputable store such as Amazon. This is three fold. First, the forged steel used to manufacture it is durable and well finished to resist corrosion. Handles are ergonomic and double dipped for optimal comfort, while its hardened cutting edges do not chip nor lose their structural integrity after years of consistent use. Stanley 84-101 is affordable and designed to exceed all ANSI standards.

7. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers

IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers, Needle Nose with Spring

Known for the quality products in its arsenal, IRWIN Tools is a dominant player in the pliers’ niche with most of its products earning global acclaim. For those it engineering or the electrical industry, for instance, this VISE-GRIP Pliers is a professional-grade nose needle model with a versatile 5.5-inch jaw size and a durable nickel chromium construction that withstands abuse well. Its spring-loaded jaws do not require a lot of effort to use effectively. Their machined edges grip excellently, while the proTouch grip handles it comes with are not only comfortable but also have non-slip surfaces that ease usage.

6. TEKTON 3506

TEKTON 3506 4-1 per 2-Inch Precision Long Nose Pliers

Do you handle sensitive projects where precision is key? To get a valuable long nose pliers that you can use effortlessly at your job site, TEKTON 3506 outmatches most comparable models for several reasons. The deep forged and heat-treated steel used to manufacture it, for instance, is durable. Jaws are precision-machined, sturdy, and have self-opening (4.5-inches, spring-loaded models that minimize hand fatigue, while its ability to strip wires without cutting makes it an ideal day-to-day accessory. If you have a demanding job that requires you to work several hours per day, you will also benefit from the cushioned and non-slip handle grips that this tool has. It is not only comfortable but also orients the hand naturally for better safety and performance.

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5. Channellock 3017

Channellock 3017 8-Inch Long Nose Plier

Even though Channellock 3017 lacks a side cutter, its lightweight and feature-rich design has won the hearts of individuals of cadres. Measuring 8-inches, for instance, it is long and built to increase access to tight spaces. Jaws are sturdy and have cross-hatch patterns that better grip while the anvil and knife style cutting edges offered improves its versatility significantly. Manufactured in the USA using a C1080 high carbon steel, this tools holds up well over the years. You do not have to worry about its laser treated edges chipping/dulling or its handles snapping with no warning.

4. Chicago Tool 11″ Long Nose Pliers

Chicago Tool 11 Long Nose Pliers

With this Chicago Tool nose pliers, you get a durable deep-forged tool (steel) that improves reach by up to 11 inches. Built to meet ANSI standards, it is light, safe to use, and has a reliable system (including hinges) that you will enjoy using every day. Handles are ergonomic and cushioned for comfort and added safety while the lifetime warranty offered for it mirrors the value of the pliers that you get. Even when used on an everyday basis, you do not have to worry about its handle snapping, its jaws dulling, or its hinge corroding over time.

3. Irwin Tools IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078218

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Long Nose Pliers with Wire Cutter, 8, 2078218

A popular tool in top 10 best needle-nose pliers in 2016 reviews, IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078218 from Irwin Tools is a reputable long nose pliers (8-inches) made of a nickel-plated chromium steel. The material is durable, rust and corrosion-resistant, and has smoothed edges that minimize the risk of irritation and or injuries whilst in use. Whether you are stripping or relocating wires or engaging in any other engineering or electrical projects, you will have a memorable experience with an original version from a reputable store. Both jaws are precision-machined for optimal gripping strength and its handle comfortable and fitted with non-slip ProTouch grips.

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2. UXcell Needle Nose Pliers

5 Inch Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers Jeweler Hand Tool

Do not waste your money on one of cheap yet ineffective nose pliers currently available in some stores. To have a memorable experience, this 5-inch model from UXcell is one of the best around. Even though slightly shorter than some models (5-inches), its comfortable design has won the hearts of most individuals. Its precise head is perfect for jewelry work, while the novel dual leaf springs fitted on its hinge generates an effortless and smooth motion for better control and lower hand fatigue. All surfaces are non-marring and well finished to minimize irritation.

1. Stanley 84-096

Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

Recommended for personal and professional use, Stanley 84-096 is a long (5-inch) and tempered needle nose pliers designed to strip, cut, and grip efficiently. For those that work in tight areas, its low profile design penetrates and works well in most hard to reach areas. The forged chrome use in its product resists abuse and rust excellently, while its ergonomic handles are not only comfortable but also have double-dipped grips that improve its stability whilst in use. Buy one today to get a limited lifetime warranty.

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