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Whether you are headed off on your first long trip, or you are a seasonal traveler, you must understand that money belt should be your companion. There is nothing so frustrating than losing your passport or a credit card in a foreign land where nobody cares who you are when you are robbed. Clearly, there are many money belts you will get out there, but let’s just pluck out one of the few best in terms or safety features and comfortability.

10. MyTravelBFF Money Belt

RFID Blocking Money Belt for Travel by MyTravelBFF, Keep Your Passport Hidden

My travelBBF is designed to keep your valuables safe and easily accessible. It comes with several compartments that allow you to keep your belongings safe and well organized. No one can notice it under your clothes and unlike most money belt of its kind, it’s hand washable but for a better look, a machine wash would be better before wearing it for the first time. Its features ultra-light tear and abrasion resistant materials, which is soft-padded on the back for comfort. It also features an adjustable elastic belt with a buckle closure, which means, this belt can be used by anybody; both men and women. It also features RFID blocking material to keep off thieves who want to rob your valuable information.

9. AmazonBasics RFID Travel Money Belt

AmazonBasics RFID Travel Money Belt

If you are the rugged type of traveler, then AmazonBasics RFID Travel Money Belt is a perfect pick for you. It’s a good money belt to keeps your cash, receipts and important documents safe and organized. Also comes with a comfortable waist strap and has a soft lining on its back which makes it comfortable even when you are sweating. The front pocket on Amazonbasics is a great addition that allows you to store easy to access kinds of stuff like your keys.

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8. Travel Money Belt

Money Belt For Travel with 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card Protector RFID Sleeves

Travel Money Belt is a perfect travel companion that will help you keep off pickpockets. Its bright color makes it one of the stylish unisex money belts out there. It’s made of breathable fabric materials making it very comfortable to wear at all times. It’s lightweight and compacts features make packing on it a breeze. Travel Travel Money comes with a special RFID-blocking belt holder that prevents illegal scan on your data. Therefore, you won’t worry about a possible identity theft when with this money belt.

7. Smooth Trip CoolMax RFID Blocking Money Belt

Smooth Trip RFID Waist Money Belt with CoolMax and Agion Antibacterial Protection

Smooth trip money belt offers great protection against pickpockets and identity theft. It’s lined up with a certified RFID blocking material that keeps thieves from scanning your personal information from your credit cards and other important documents. It has three zippered pockets, three interior pockets, and an elastic belt. It has a patented CoolMax backing which is moisture wicking and again, it’s treated with antimicrobial to protect it against odors and bacteria.

6. All Terrain Money Belt

Eagle Creek Travel Gear All-Terrain Money Belt

If you don’t prefer a traditional style of money belt, then the All Terrain Money Belt should be your best pick. It looks like a normal belt but comes with a hidden pocket on its back side. The pockets is big enough to store few notes for emergencies, and if your find coins a bit heavy on your pants pocket, this money belt allows you to keep few coins. No one would have an idea that you have some money in your belt and well its one of the belt that will keep your jean stylish.

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5. Pacsafe SlashProof Money Belt

Pacsafe Coversafe 100 Anti-Theft Secret Travel Waist Wallet

The Pacsafe Slashproof is one of money belts that you can keep under your clothes without anyone noticing. Its slash proof features make it unique in its own way, which means with this money belt the pick pickets who slash straps, will have no such chances. It also comes with a moisture-proof lining and a very nice press-stud zip securing design. It also features a breathable and odor resistant lining, very important when you are on long journeys. Also, this money belt features an RFID blocking material that protects your data.

4. Alpha Keeper Money Belt for Travel

Money Belt For Travel with 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card Protector RFID Sleeves

Alpha Keeper money belt for travel is one of the best money belts you will find around, especially if you are the kind of person with a lot of valuables to carry around. Alpha keeper features a plethora of storage pockets; one to keep your passport and six to keep your credit cards and several others to keep iPhone keys and many more. You will also benefit from the RFID blocking features that add securities to your important personal information. Anyone can use this money belt because it comes with an adjustable strap that can fit any waist, whether men or women and if you are a long journey traveler, this belt has a soft back lining that keeps you comfortable when wearing it.

3. Deluxe Travel RFID Money Belt Waist

Deluxe Travel RFID Money Belt Waist Pouch (Large)for Passport,Money,Creditcards

This is a very traditional money belt and though it might not be all that fancy, it one of the best money belt that gets the job well done. It features two zip pockets, and easy to access front pouch perfect for small notes and coins. The back pouch is spacious enough to keep all your personal valuables such as credit cards, passports, and other documents. It’s 100 percent water proof made of Ripstop Nylon making it comfortable to wear. If it’s your first time to use a money belt, Dulexe money belt would be your perfect pick.

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2. ZoneTwelve Satin Undercover money belt

ZoneTwelve Satin White Undercover Money Belt

As the name suggest, the Zone twelve is made of high-quality satin that gives you unsurpassed levels of comfort. It’s super slim, very ideal to ladies, its stylish and spacious enough to carry all your personal stuffs like passports, cash, credit cards and other valuables like car keys and phone. This money belt is an absolute necessity to people who prefers flat money belts.

1. Eagle Creek Dulex Undercover Money belt

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Money Belt

Eagle creek Dulex is a simple money belt with multiple pockets allowing you to safely keep passports and money out of site. It’s average in size, but big enough to keep items such as keys, cards and other valuables. It features a soft fabric especially on the side that faces your skin, which makes it very comfortable even on long journeys. Its big, soft, elastic, soft waist-band is adjustable, therefore can be used by both men and women.

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