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What are the benefits of using lotions when massaging the body to eliminate stress and or pain indoors? Unlike massaging dry skin, lotions guarantee a smoother, comfortable, and hydrating experience when massaging rough areas. They lower the risk of irritation, help individuals to cover large areas over a short time, and have potent aromatherapy ingredients that improve skin health, boost blood circulation, and rejuvenate muscles and the body in general over time. If you are considering daily massage and are looking for a massage lotion that offers the foregoing benefits, here are our picks of the 10 best to consider purchasing

10. Soothing Touch W67341S

Soothing Touch W67341S Herbal Lavender Lotion, 8-Ounce

Infused with soothing herbal ingredients and lavender extracts, Soothing Touch W67341S is a commercial-grade massage lotion attainable in a large 8-ounce bottle that will serve you well for long. It is affordable, has a well-blended formula that repairs, moisturizes, and lubricates the skin naturally, and has a silky and velvety feel that spreads comfortably on the skin. When covering large areas of the body, therefore, you no longer have to use a lot of lotion and or grapple with unsightly messes as is always the case using poorly blended lotions and oils. Many individuals also like its sweet-scented blend that leaves the skin smelling fresh.

9. Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion

Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion, 1 Gallon Bottle

Affordable and recommended for regular massage, Bon Vitals is a high quality one-gallon bottle of a touch massage lotion with therapeutic attributes. It is skin-safe, lasts long, and has smooth and well-blended formula that spreads well on the skin. For those with numerous allergies, this lotion is unscented. Antioxidants used to fortify it rejuvenate the body well, while its olive oil-rich formula reduces friction tremendously, which allows for deep massage without harming or irritating the skin. This lotion is affordable, lacks irritant nut oils, and has exceptional health benefits that professionals and individuals consider invaluable.

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8. Soothing Touch Basics Massage Lotion

Soothing Touch Basics Massage Lotion Unscented

With the diversity of massage lotions people nowadays have access to in online and offline stores, finding a good budget brand remains a challenge that most individuals face from time to time. If you are having a similar challenge and want as well blended unscented massage lotion that you can use for full body massage, this Soothing Touch Basics will serve you well. It is paraben-free, has a smooth and silky formula that lowers friction well when massaging, and has rich extracts of Calendula and Chamomile that rejuvenate cells and improve skin health over time. It is also cheap, moisturizes and repairs the skin well, and has a safe USA-blended formula that lasts long.

7. Soothing Touch W67340G

Soothing Touch W67340G Jojoba Unscented Lotion, 1 Gallon

As the Soothing Touch Basics Massage Lotion reviewed herein, Soothing Touch W67340G is a well-blended lotion with a non-irritant and unscented formula with jojoba that moisturizes and repair the skin well. Attainable in a large one-gallon container, this lotion is affordable. It also lubricates the skin well, is ideal for use with various types of massages (reflexology and deep tissue work, for instance), and has nutritional value that leaves the skin looking young and revitalized over the years. Soothing Touch W67340G is affordable, readily available in online and offline stores, and perfect for use on dry, wet, and sensitive skin.

6. Village Naturals Therapy Lotion

Village Naturals Therapy Muscle Relief Natural Lotion 16 fl oz (3-Pack)

Blended to offer individuals natural pain relief without costing a lot of money, Village Naturals is a commercial-grade pack of three 16-fluid ounce therapy lotions that work well on all skin types. It is affordable, has a smooth and non-caking formula that is perfect for deep massage, and releases aromatherapy vapors that sooth individuals while having a massage. For just a few dollars, you also get a deep penetrating formula that improves blood circulation, skin-softening vitamins and minerals that keep the skin looking gorgeous, and an 80% natural and cruelty-free formula that does not lump nor cake on the skin whilst in use.

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5. The Village Company Muscle Therapy Lotion

The Village Company Muscle Therapy Relief Natural Lotion, 16 Ounce

Affordable, very easy to use, and attainable in a travel-worthy 16-ounce container, The Village Company is a premium muscle therapy lotion with a natural formula recommended for everyday use. It is affordable, has a vitamin-enriched deep-penetrating formula that massages away pain and aches well, and generates soothing aromatherapy vapors that help individuals to relax while undergoing massage. As most doctor-endorsed products, this lotion is naturally derived (94.74%), has a cruelty-free blend that lacks paraben and other contaminants, and spreads well.

4. Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion, 8 Ounce

Talking about the top 10 best massage lotions reviews 2016, Biotone Advanced is a renowned eight-ounce therapy lotion with a smooth and silky formula that is easy to apply on all skin types. It is cheap, sensitivity-tested, and glides smoothly on the body to not only ease workability, but also offer lasting performance. For those with sensitive skin, Biotone is safety-tested and proven hypoallergenic. The Grape seed and Apricot oils its comes with smooth the skin well, while its exceptionally-light texture does not irritate users, even when engaging in deep massage.

3. Molivera Organics Fractionated Coconut Oil

Molivera Organics Fractionated Coconut Oil 16 oz. Premium Grade A, 100% Pure MCT Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin, Massage and Aromatherapy Carrier Oils - Great for DIY

Molivera Organics is a grade A fractionated coconut infused massage oil that is great for Do It Yourself (DIY) massage indoors. It is affordable, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin well, and has a skin-safe blend that lowers friction excellently for a faster and better massage experience. It is also colorless, odorless, and does not stain clothing; has deeply moisturizing ingredients with potent anti-aging properties; and has notable skin healing and conditioning properties that benefit individuals of all cadres

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2. Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Creme, 7.0 Fluid Ounce

Attainable in a compact 7.0 fluid ounce container, Biotone is a popular Dual Purpose massage creme perfect for massaging feet, the face, and hands. It is affordable, has a well-blended formula that combines the desirable effects of lotion and oils, and ranks among the most sought-after by professionals for its smooth, fragrance-free, and easy to control formula that does not irritate users over time. This cream is grease and stain free, and lacks chemical irritants such as BPA, hexane, and phthalate

1. SacredEarth Botanicals Massage Lotion

SacredEarth Botanicals Massage Lotion - 8oz

Top on our list, SacredEarth is a certified-vegan massage lotion for men and women attainable in a large 8-ounce container. It is paraben-free, has natural ingredients that generate a superior glide when in use, and contain rich organic and polyunsaturated oils that boost workability and therapeutic experience of users.

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