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Magazines are a source of not only information but also entertainment. Individuals, who read magazines frequently, tend to be informed about the various events happening around the globe. The best part is that the subject matter highlighted in the different publications varies. Therefore, you can find a magazine that stresses on health, sports, technology, science, or lifestyle just. Typically, there is a magazine to suit every reader’s interest. Below is a list of the top ten best entertainment magazines.

10. People


It is one of the most popular magazines in America. This publication has also gained fame around the globe. People magazine is famed for highlighting the best of the celebrity world and cultural-related news. Established in 1974, the People magazine initially aimed at providing stories about people rather than issues. This objective has been maintained till date, as seen in the tales concerning famous superstars and everyday people, which are highlighted in this weekly magazine.

In the last three decades, People magazine has managed to draw a lot of attention, particularly from the United States audience, where it has more than forty-six million readers. Many people prefer the publication to others because it can strike a balance in the articles it presents. When you buy the People magazine, expect to find multiple photographs of your favorite celebrities and public figures.

9. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

It is one of the most-read entertainment magazines on the market. Its popularity arises from the fact that it keeps its readers abreast with the latest in the entertainment industry. Entertainment Weekly is your one-stop source of the best and worst news on nearly all topics. Some of the issues that you can read about from this publication include interviews with renowned superstars, expose))s on trending programs, and highlights of TV shows. It also incorporates news on the most recent movies, music, and books ranked in the best seller’s list.

Besides, Entertainment Weekly provides you with an insight into the lives of some of the most successful icons globally. Devoted readers of this publication get to know the latest gossip. For instance, they are informed about celebrities whose relationships are going sour as well as those who are about to tie the knot.

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8. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

It is a publication designed for knowledge maniacs. Mental Floss, which dates back to 2001, provides a fun and interesting way of learning. Ideal for readers of all ages, this magazine is bound to bring a smile to your face upon reading. It is the ultimate gift for an individual who desires to know plenty.

The mastermind behind this edition is a team of experts, journalists, and academics, who contribute quality content. Regular features that you can expect to get from each issue are such as Scatterbrained, which outlines facts, trivia, and fascinating anecdotes about an everyday topic. In the “Be Amazing” segment, you will find short articles and interviews. Science junkies will be delighted by the Left-Brain/ Right-Brain section, which presents a blend of science and logic versus art and literature. Mental Floss, which is available on a bi-monthly basis, will keep you entertained for hours. You can read the facts to become more informed or test your knowledge by solving the puzzles and quiz.

7. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a publication designed for young adults, who are passionate about popular culture. Some of the subjects highlighted in this magazine include modern audio and electronics columns, interviews as well as photojournalism features.

Rolling Stone is your all-access pass for news on music, politics, and film among others. In fact, it has occasionally been ranked as a leading entertainment publication. Once you get a copy of this magazine, you will enjoy the non-stop entertainment as you read reviews of films and songs and interview sessions with the top artists. Given that its target audience is the young generation, the publication stands out from the ordinary ones to cover other topics like politics and technology, which the young people can relate to. It also lists the trending television shows, albums, films, and songs. In each issue, there is a Rock & Roll section that gives breaking news and information concerning upcoming releases.

6. TV Guide

TV Guide [Print + Kindle]

TV Guide is yet another top-rated entertainment magazine that is published on a weekly basis. According to statistics, there were more than two million issues in circulation by 2011. The magazine highlights television listings, celebrity news, gossip and film reviews. The TV Guide started as a regional publication in New York City. In the first national issue, the publication cover featured Lucille Ball, who is a television icon. Throughout its lifespan, it has continually served its readers interests by showcasing the best and biggest celebrity tales.

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Presently, TV Guide is run by the United Video Satellite Group. Given that the number of channels available to viewers keeps increasing every day, the publishers work hard to stay ahead of the curve. TV Guide has garnered a firm reputation in the celebrity print medium, causing it to be used as a reporting powerhouse, a point of reference and a cultural norm.

5. The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter [Kindle Edition]

This weekly print magazine has its headquarters in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter began as a daily entertainment trade newspaper, where it was run by William R. Wilkerson. The first edition was launched on September 30, 1930, which highlighted Wilkerson’s front page “Tradeviews” column that turned out to be influential.

The Hollywood Reporter is mostly famous for its in-depth coverage of the entertainment-industry awards. This publication presents all the races, provides a summary of the contenders and explores the business impacts of nominations and wins. This section is headed by Scott Feinberg, the THR awards analyst.

4. The New Yorker

The New Yorker All Access

The magazine provides its readers with an unmatched update of the entertainment industry. It presents a mix of reporting and remarks on different subjects ranging from politics to international affairs and arts. Some of its notable highlights include the coverage of the war on terror, cartoons by Roz Chast, fiction by Zadie Smith, film reviews by Anthony Lane, books reviews done by James Wood among others.

The New Yorker also devotes a section to advertisements. The ads are about varying categories such as automotive, technology, financial services, travel, culture, fashion, entertainment and much more. This publication is praised for having won 53 National Magazine Awards. Founded in 1925, the New Yorker is under David Remnick’s editorship. Occasionally, it features special issues that emphasize on a particular theme like music, fashion or business.

3. Us Weekly

Us Weekly

The primary audience for Us Weekly magazine comprises of young, elite and affluent adults, who are interested in the world of entertainment. It emphasizes on celebrities’ style, health and beauty routines as well as nutrition and fitness advice. Besides celebrity news, the Us reader also has an interest in film, television, music and fashion-forward trends.

Each issue of this publication is divided into several sections. One of the most read segments is the Celebrity style, which outlines guide to fashionable star styles. If you want to be well-informed about the clothes, designers, and signature outfits that can create a celebrity look, Celebrity Style is the segment for you. Furthermore, if you like staying abreast with the latest awards, Us Weekly’s reports at least 18 award shows every year. Besides the world of fashion, this publication provides insight into health and fitness. The segment, Hollywood’s Best Diets, features classic menus, food planners and advice from the top celebrity trainers.

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2. People StyleWatch

PEOPLE STYLEWATCH Magazine [Kindle Edition]

To know the most recent news in the world of fashion and beauty, People StyleWatch is the magazine to buy. It provides a description of what the majority of celebrities wear in their daily lives. Each issue will give you an insight into shopping for affordable yet chic outfits. Moreover, it has an array of compelling features like highlights on celebrities with the best styles and price cuts on fashion items.

People StyleWatch runs on the principle that fashion can be fun and accessible to everyone. As such an individual’s size, shape or economic status needs not to be the determining factor. Each issue also outlines tips and tricks that can help you transform some of your closet items into stylish pieces. It also incorporates suggestions of adding low-cost designer clothes to your wardrobe.

1. MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine

MAD is America’s longest-running humor publication. Established in 1952 by Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, it was originally a comic book. As of July 6, 2015, there were at least 537 issues in circulation. The magazine marks the last title of the EC Comics line and provides readers with satire on varying aspects of life like politics and entertainment.

MAD magazine is partitioned into several segments namely, TV and movie parodies and freeform articles. It also highlights parodies concerning the ongoing American culture, big businesses, and education. The publishers added some color to the edition; hence, the bold and vibrant images will draw your attention. This magazine features spoofs concerning current movies and television productions. The amusing segment of political humor will keep you entertained non-stop. It does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat as this magazine always finds a way of delivering news with humor.

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