The MacBook Air is by far the most appreciated ultrabook of all times. It is extremely light, thin and powerful and all other manufacturers tend to use it as a reference for what it means to build an ultra-portable laptop. Despite all its beauty the MacBook Air is a fragile device. Without a proper case or sleeve it is highly exposed to damage. Here are the top 10 best MacBook Air cases, covers and sleeves reviewed.

10. Slickblue MacBook Air-13 Rubberized Hard Frost Case Cover

Sickblue’s MacBook Air’s case is a relatively simple yet effective model that comes with a rubberized hard shell for the top and bottom of the ultrabook. It will fit on the 13 inch version of the Apple laptop and it is fully vented thus preventing any kind of overheating. The model is also quite thin and light which does not take away the beauty of the MacBook Air. It is available in a wide range of colors and it is quite affordable.

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9. iPearl mCover Hard Shell Cover Case For MacBook Air

iPearl designed an extremely light and slim cover for the MacBook Air. The mCover is made of high durability policarbonite and it comes with a top and bottom cover. As a bonus the manufacturers included a keyboard protective skin and two foldable feet. The feet can help raise the angle of the keyboard.

8. Snug Macbook Air & Pro 13 Case

The Snug MacBok Air case is actually a simple sleeve made of PU leather with a simple design and a slim profile. The model has a large pocket for the ultrabook and an additional side pocket that can be used to store paper, cables and other small items. It was built mostly to protect the MacBook while traveling and comes with cutouts that allow access to the charging port without having to take out the notebook. It is available in a wide selection of colors and comes with a magnetic flap.

7. Inateck Macbook Air Envelope Case

The sleeve made by Inateck might not be the most visually appealing model but it surely offers excellent protection when it comes to shocks and impacts. It was made as a carry sleeve making it a great choice for the ones that need to travel a lot. It comes with a soft padded interior and a Velcro closure. The model is also quite affordable and comes with several options such as handles and a complementary wallet.

6. Case Star Bohemian Style MacBook Air Sleeve

The Bohemian Style sleeve from Case Star is an inexpensive and great looking sleeve with a simple design an excellent shock protection. It comes with only one large compartment that can fit a 13 inch MacBook Air. The interior is padded with polyester foam and fabric lining offering great protection against shocks and impacts. In terms of diversity the model is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns.

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5. Kuzy Lace Mint Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Air 13

Kuzy’s MacBook Air case is a great looking product. It comes with a plastic hard shell for the back of the display and another shell for its bottom side. The upper shell comes with a cutout that forms a floral pattern. It’s design makes it a slim case that does not add much thickness to the ultrabook but still manages to offer excellent protection. The model comes in 3 different colors and it features cutouts for the vent system.

4. Kuzy Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Air

The Kuzy Hard Case Cover is similar to most other cases but it is one of the few models that is made of actual leather. It comes with a hard shell top leather cover for the back of the display with a cutout for the Apple logo and a bottom shell made from the same material. The model is available in multiple colors and for a rather reasonable price. It also guarantees decent protection against scratches and shocks.

3. GMYLE Book Case Vintage for Macbook Air 13

While the GMYLE was designed to fit other thicker laptops as well it seems to work best with Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Air. It is an interesting case that makes it look like a book when closed. The model comes with a hard shell exterior and a padded interior as well as a flap over closure. It offers excellent protection against shocks and impacts and it is quite affordable making it a decent pick for the ones with a limited budget.

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2. Jisoncase MacBook Air 13-inch Luxury Vintage Leather Sleeve Case

The Jisoncase is what some might call a luxury product for the MacBook Air. It is made of genuine leather and has a unique executive style that makes it perfectly suitable for a business environment. The model has an ultrathin design and comes with a hidden magnetic closure as well as a perfect fit for the ultrabook which offers superior protection.

1. Mosiso Premium Quality PU Leather Book Cover Clip On Case for Apple 13

The Mosiso offers the perfect ratio between price and quality. It is a PU leather case that comes with a simple design which leaves open the sides of the MacBook Air for easy access to the ports. It has a durable case cover that ensures proper shock absorption and a metallic enclosure. The model comes in five different colors and comes with a very attractive price tag.

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