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The stand mixer is one of the most familiar and busiest kitchen appliances. They are used to prepare almost every recipe in the kitchen. However, if the market and looking for a stand mixer, it can be difficult to choose the right type with the many brands that exist. There are several manufacturers that make stand mixers. The write-up below will be an excellent guide as it comprises all the top ten brands. You can these brands at very reasonable prices using the Amazon links provided below each product.

10. Cuisinart SM- 55BK 12- Speed Stand Mixer

Built in North America, the Cuisinart SM features a powerful 800-watt motor. The motor allows it to handles the toughest of mixing jobs. It is very durable and well encased in a die cast metal that protects all the inner parts. It is very versatile and comes with three mixing speeds and a 15-minute countdown timers. It also has a slow start function that eliminates splattering of liquids. It is a great pick that starts our list and a product that offers real value.

9. Hamilton Beach 64695 Power Deluxe Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Deluxe is another excellent stand mixer with very great features. It comes with a powerful 225-watt motor that can handle any tough jobs. The top power head is detachable and can be removed to act as a hand mixer. There are six-speed control buttons for use with the desired speed. It comes with other accessories like a four quartz glass bowl, dough hooks, and traditional beaters.

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8. EuroPrep EP700 7 –Quart 6 Speed Stand Mixer

The EuroPrep is specifically designed to help homeowners create the perfect gourmet meal. It functions properly and so far one of the best on the top ten with great unique features. With a dough hook, all ingredients will end up in the mixer instead of falling on the bowl side. It comes with a large 7-quartz stainless steel glass that has a splash guard. Other features include a six electronically controlled speed control patterns.

7. Breville USA BEM600XL Handy Stand Mixer

This also features a handy detachable mixer at the top. The top can be fully removed and used as a hand mixer. It is very efficient and comes with two motors for driving the mixer and the other for turning the bowl. The mixer motor has an electronic sensor that allows it to adjust with heavy mixes. It is very durable and features very heavily loaded V-groove springs with beaters and patented soft tips for excellent results.

6. American Era 650W Stand Mixer

It has a very ingenious style and features a 650-watt motor. With these powers, one can change almost anything in the kitchen. It has a large six stainless steel bowl to fit almost any mixers in the kitchen. Other accessories include attachments of the whisk, mixing blade and beat. It is very easy to set up and operate with a six-speed control buttons.

5. Classic Plus Series 4.5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Probably one with the most powerful motor on top ten with 275-watts making it a high energy mixer capable of dealing with any mix. It comes with a 4.5 stainless steel bowl. The bowl is very durable and can withstand all forms of stress. It offers very consistent results with its flat beater and can handle the toughest of ingredients. Other features include a dough hook that allows for ingredients to pour into the bowl without falling out.

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4. Gourmet Stand Grade Mixer

This is an ideal choice for commercial purposes. It comes with commercial grade specifications and can perform an excellent job on a wide variety of ingredients. It contains a clear splash guard that allows users to add last minute ingredients without worries of them splashing out. It has 10 electronically controlled speed buttons and a 6.7 quartz bowl.

3. SunBeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer

This is probably one of the best stand mixers if you need some extra pair of hands in the kitchen. It can do almost any task in the kitchen and a great pick for 2015. It comes with a robust 350-watt motor power and a 12 different speed setting enabling people to perform absolutely anything in their kitchen. Everything with this mixer is made to make operation very easy. It uses a soft start technology to prevent splashing of liquids out of the bowl. The grip handle is also very soft allowing for a firm grip. Other accessories that come with it include the beaters, dough hooks, two glass bowls, and whisks.

2. KitchenAid KSM150PSER 5-Qt. Artisan Series

This is another power stand mixer with 325-watts. It can handle almost any job and has ten different speed setting. Here are over 20 colors of this mixer giving users the choice to pick the favorite colors. The stainless steel bowl comes with handles making it very easy to handle. It has a great shape and will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

1. Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 64650 is the best stand mixer in the market currently and gives users the versatility of mixing all kinds of ingredients. It has a power peak of 290-watts and comes with six different speed settings. It can double as a hand mixer with the bowl resting on a mixer stabilizer that allows the mixer to sit on the edge avoiding messy drops. It is specially designed for ease of use and control and an excellent option for newbies.

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If in the market in search of the perfect kitchen stand mixer, look no further. This list above comprises of only the best with great prices that offer value for money. Go ahead and make an order with confidence knowing you have purchased a product that will serve you for generations.

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