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For years, people have associated machetes with violence and the gory images often witnessed in horror movies. However, contrary to what many think, these common household tools are essential survival accessories that come in handy when clearing bushes, pruning overgrown plants, and making shelters whilst camping outdoors. They also come in hand in the event of an emergency, particularly when attacked by a wild animal. If you an outdoor enthusiast and looking for a well-built machete that you carry along during your adventures, the top 10 best models worth buying include:

10. Ames 4918

Ames 4918 by FixtureDisplays is a durable 18-inch machete made of tempered steel for maximum strength and flexibility. It is resharpenable, cuts through grasses, dense brush, vines, and plant growth efficiently, and has a sturdy and comfortable handle that protects users from injuries while striking hard targets. This machete is light and easy to maneuver. It is affordable, rust/corrosion resistant, and comes with a well-built heavy-duty nylon sheath for safe and convenient storage and transportation.

9. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC02-N SOGFari

SOG is an established company, best known for the aesthetic and functional specialty knives and tools in its arsenal. In the machete niche, it is a sought-after brand with this MC02-N SOGFari featuring in many top 10 best machetes in 2015 reviews shared on the Internet. It is light, portable, and features a long, 18-inch dual steel straight edge blade with an innovative saw bladed top. The blade is sharp, powder coated to resist rust, fitted to a comfortable 6-inch Kraton rubber handle that does not irritate hands. This machete is suitable is easy to sharpen, suitable for chopping wood and clearing brush and trails, and includes a heavy-duty nylon sheath for safer storage.

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8. Gerber 31-002076 Gator Bolo


Made of 1050 Steel full tongue steel blade, Gerber 31-002076 Gator Bolo is a traditional-themed machete with a distinctive bulge for superior cutting and chopping power. It is durable, has an overall length of 22.5-inches (15.5-inch blade length), and a Gator lanyard grip handle that offers an amazing grip without sacrificing security or safety. It is affordable, features a d-loop and belt for easier carrying, and a sturdy nylon sheath

7. Jungle Master JM-021

With an overall length of approximately 21-inches, Jungle Master JM-021 is a sturdy and high-performance machete featuring a corrosion-resistant full-tang stainless steel black blade. The blade is ever sharp, hardened to prevent dents and chips, and swings fast and efficiently to lower energy consumption while chopping shrubs or clearing trails. Its ergonomic handle has a thick 550 paracord wrapping for comfort and safety, while the nylon sheath it comes with protects users from injuries during storage and transport. If money is a concern, JM-021 is among the cheapest high-grade machetes.

6. Tomahawk Ninja

Are you looking for a budget machete that can help you to clear brush and thickets and cut your way out of danger in the event of a security threat? Tomahawk Ninja by Bud K is a powerful 20-inch machete with a durable one-piece full-tang construction. It has a 14-5/8-inch black-finished stainless steel blade, a comfortable cord-wrapped handle that improves control when cutting, and an adjustable shoulder strap for easier transportation. You also get a heavy-duty nylon sheath for optimal safety.

5. Tramontina 26621/018

If you are shopping for a new machete and do not mind owning a traditional model with a wooden handle, Tramontina 26621/018 will serve you well for long. Its wooden handle is ergonomic and ever warm. Its high carbon 18-inch steel blade is durable, while its ability to handle heavy duty cutting and chopping jobs without dulling or losing its form has made is a preferred machete by home owners and campers alike.

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4. United Cutlery BV124


Branded as the best Savage Jungle Hunter machete, United Cutlery BV124 ranks among the most recommended products in top 10 best machetes in 2015 reviews. Many people like it for its strength. Others find its flexibility and high swing speed irresistible. Off the box, you get a 25-inch machete with a durable AUS-8 sawkback stainless steel blade. This full tang blade is flexible, sharp, and has stylish cut-outs that lower weight without compromising its performance. Its textured rubberized grip handle is comfortable, while the durable nylon sheath on offer eases storage/ transport.

3. Gerber 31-002289 Bear Grylls Parang


If you have a few dollars to spend and buy Garber’s 31-002289 Bear Grylls Parang machete, you get a well-built accessory, ideal for clearing limbs and brush. It has a unique angled blade made of corrosion-resistant high carbon steel. It is sturdy, easy to sharpen, and fitted with a textured rubber grip handle that reduces slippage while maximizing comfort at the same time. You also get a lanyard guard and nylon sheath.

2. Condor Tool and Knife Golok

Condor Tool and Knife Golok is an ultra-portable 14-inch machete that works better than large, heavy-duty models. It has a comfortable hardwood handle, epoxy powder finished 1075 high-carbon steel blade, and a stylish leather sheath for protection.

1. Ontario 6145


Ontario 6145 by Ontario Knife is a black military-grade machete made of durable 1095 carbon steel hardened to 50-55 HRC. It is 24 inches long, has a molded plastic handle with rivets for stability, and a heavy-duty sheath for safe storage and transportation.

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