Folding chairs are light and portable household accessories designed for use where permanent seating is unavailable. They are durable, have well-designed ergonomic systems that support the body well, and functional folding systems that ease transportation and storage. Whether you like to rest poolside or on a patio during your free time or are planning a social event such as birthday party or wedding, a folding chair will come in handy. Most are cheap. They are also low maintenance, made of professional-grade materials, and are attainable in an array of designs and sizes that offer valuable service for years. For best results, the 10 best chairs to buy include:

10. Cosco Folding Chair (Four Pack)

Cosco Folding Chair

Designed for use in homes and in outdoor settings that require portable seats, Cosco is a pack of four well-built folding chairs made of durable steel. They are good looking, professional-grade, and have functional system that support and keep users as comfortable as possible during parties and even around dinner tables. Their molded seats and backs, for instance, are well made and super comfortable. They support users well, lower the risk of slipping, and have a functional folding system that transforms fast and easily for easier storage and transportation. All parts are water, corrosion, and or rust resistant. Their powder coated finish is aesthetics, while the tube-in-tube system and cross braces used to make them boost weight capacity significantly. You also get non-marring leg tips that protect flooring.

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9. Best Choice Products White Plastic Folding Chairs

Best Choice Products White Plastic Folding Chairs

Made of durable plastic, Best Choice Products is a pack of five commercial-grade folding chairs with a unique stackable design that eases storage. The chairs are durable; have a high weight capacity; and have a unique water and UV-resistant build that works well outdoors. Whether you are hosting a wedding or outdoor birthday party, they offer a comfortable and relaxing lounging experience for long. The lightweight steel used to make these chairs folds flat for easier storage and transport. Their plastic build is easy to clean, while the 250-pound weight capacity offered per chair is impressive for their price. These chairs ship assembled and ready to use.

8. Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair

Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair

Are you tired of the cold and uncomfortable chairs fitted in your patio? Are you renovating your home and shopping for a well-made pair of foldable chairs that are super-supportive and stay comfortable for long? If you have saved a few dollars, but want the best of the best in this niche, this two pack of Cosco folding chairs is among the best around. The chairs are durable, super comfortable, and made of aesthetic wood that offers valuable service for years. They also have padded vinyl seats, supportive ladder-backs, and an aesthetic espresso theme that complements modern décor in homes. These chairs are affordable and fold flat for easy transportation and storage.

7. Cosco Fabric 4-Pack Folding Chair

Cosco Fabric 4-Pack Folding Chair

Made using a folding and powder-coated stainless steel frame, Cosco fabric is a package of four dark-themed folding chairs designed to offer optimal support and comfort on a budget. These chairs are durable, resist rust and corrosion, and fold compact for easier storage. They are also ergonomic; have well-padded and comfortable backs and seats; and have durable cross braces for optimal strength and stability. For those looking for chairs for use outdoors, these folding chairs are water-resistant. They also work well indoors, have well-made non-marring leg tips that protect floors from scratches and dents, and are attainable cheap in reputable web stores.

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6. Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair

Cosco Vinyl 4-Pack Folding Chair

By choosing this pack of folding chairs by Cosco, you get four vinyl-coated chairs with durable steel frames, compact and foldable designs, and durable powder-coated finish that resist rust and corrosion. They have a durable tube-in-tube build and cross braces for stability. They also have reinforced steel frames, non-marring leg tips that protect delicate flooring, and a unique fast-folding design. Other notable attributes are their compact and stackable design, their affordability, and contoured and well-padded seats and back cushion that support users well to optimize comfort.

5. Flash Furniture LE-L-3-WHITE-GG Hercules Series

Flash Furniture LE-L-3-WHITE-GG Hercules Series

Flash Furniture LE-L-3-WHITE-GG Hercules is a durable, professional-grade folding chair with an impressive weight capacity of 800 pounds. The white plastic used to manufacture it is durable. Its large 17.25-inch by 18-inch by 32-inch design cushions the body well, while its unique foldable design is easy to store and transport. This chair is light and portable. It is also easy to handle, has a contoured and super-supportive back and seat, and cleans easily using soap and water. As most high-grade models, you do not have to worry about UV-damage, rust, and or corrosion when used outdoors.

4. Flash Furniture HA-MC309AF-NVY-GG Hercules Series

Flash Furniture HA-MC309AF-NVY-GG Hercules Series

Flash Furniture HA-MC309AF-NVY-GG Hercules is a navy and grey-themed folding chair for home and commercial use with a durable and upholstered metallic design. It has triple braces for optimal stability, a quad-hinged fabric seat that supports and cushions users well, and a commercial-grade 18.5-inch by 19-inch by 30-inch design that folds fast for organized storage. As most Flash Furniture chairs, this model has a unique curved back design that stays comfortable for hours. It also has non-marring feet, thick one-inch foam padding, and a round steel pipe frame that supports colossal weight.

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3. National Public Seating 2300 Series

National Public Seating 2300 Series

Popular in top 10 best folding chairs in 2015 reviews, this 2300 series of the renowned Nation Public Seating line of chairs is a well-made 480-pound chair with an aesthetic café beige theme. It has a durable steel frame, triple braces for optimal support, and plush and waterproof fabric-covered seats and backs that do not irritate users. You also get an upholstered 1.25-inch thick padding, Scotchgard stain that prolongs life, and a light and portable design that folds conveniently for easier transport and storage.

2. Flex One Folding Chair

Flex One Folding Chair

Flex One is a pack of four folding chairs, each with a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds. The chairs are durable, have a plastic mesh cover that cushions the body well, and ergonomic designs that conforms to the natural shape and orientation of the body for optimal support. These chairs have durable extra-wide seats. They resist rust and corrosion, fold for easy storage, and come backed by a limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

A best seller online, Kijaro Dual Lock tops our list of the best folding chairs in 2015. This foldable chair is durable, ergonomically designed to offer optimal support, and has a patented dual-lock technology that boosts stability and therefore, comfort whilst in use. This chair has a breathable mesh back, an organizer, cup holders, and 300-pound weight capacity.

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