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Considered among the best techniques for subsistence and greenhouse farming, drip irrigation is an affordable and water-saving farming technique practiced worldwide. Setup of drip irrigation systems is also easier than comparable technique, while the affordability of equipment appeals to people of all cadres. If you are planning to start a backyard garden or improve how you water your lawn or plants, we have highlighted the 10 best drip irrigation kits that will serve you the best. Available in Amazon and other web stores, they are affordable. The quality of equipment offered is admirable and their ease of use ideal for both household and commercial use.

10. Koram Blank Distribution, Repair, and Expansion Drip Kit

Koram 100ft 1 per 4 Blank Distribution Tubing Irrigation Gardener's Greenhouse Plant Cooling Suite Watering Drip Repair and Expansion Kit Accessories include Universal Spigot Connector IR-2F

Are you setting up a greenhouse for doing subsistence or commercial farming? To improve how you water your vegetable or plants in general while keeping water consumption low, this distribution, repair, and expansion drip kit from Koram is an excellent product to consider. Designed to cover up to 100 feet, this kit can water up to 40 plants over a wide area at full stretch. Installation of drippers and barbed fittings on the provided hose is easy, while its ability to save water consumption by up to 65% (compared to other irrigation techniques works well for budget-conscious individuals. You can even automate its system with the help of a timer and cut down water consumption further. This kit contains a 1.4-inch distribution tubing (blank), 40 1/4-inch barbed tees, 10 1/4-inch barbed couplings, 40 irrigation drippers, and 40 1/4-inch tubing stakes.

9. DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit

DIG ML50 Raised Bed Drip Kit

Specially built for use on raised bed farms, DIG ML50 is a versatile drip kit that works well with most in-ground vegetable gardens and planter boxes. Designed to cover up to 150 square feet, the hose offered (expandable) is long and durable. The 0.52 GPH drip emitters that come pre-installed have a low application rate (every nine seconds) that cuts down water consumption significantly, while its flexibility enables you to install it in various orientations of your liking without compromising performance. If you are tired of your wasteful surface irrigation technique that often leads to runoffs, buy one to streamline irrigation while raising green and healthy plants.

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8. Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT

Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT Drip Irrigation Spot Watering Manifold on a Spike Kit, Bubblers and Emitters

With Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT, you get a professional-grade spot watering spike kit that works well with most standard garden hoses in stores. Attainable as a package of 12 drip watering devices (four 2.0GPH emitters, four 1.0 GPH emitters, 2 full pattern bubblers, and 2 half pattern bubblers), its diversity is admirable. The 6-port manifold, stakes, and tubing offered are also professional-grade, while the fine mesh filter offered contains solids well to minimize the risk of clogging. Rain Bird SWDMSPKIT waters between 15 and 25 plants.

7. Orbit 69525

Orbit 69525 Micro Bubbler Complete Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

Orbit 69525 from Orbit DripMaster is an acclaimed Micro Bubbler drip kit with a convenient all-in-one design that offers value. Unlike some comparable systems that require a bit of skill and time to setup, you need as little as 15 minutes to have a functional watering system with this model. Pipe, stakes, and all other components offered are durable while its ability to cut water consumption by up to 70% (compared to overhead spray systems make it an ideal everyday accessory for long-term use. You do not have to worry about spending a substantial amount of money on irrigation. Other features that users appreciate are its flexible tubing that covers up to 250 square feet and simple micro bubbler placements that allow direct watering of plants.

6. Orbit DripMaster 67431

Orbit DripMaster 67431 1 per 4-Inch Barb Assortment, 30-Pack

Are you expanding your existing drip irrigation system? If you are shopping for barbs that you can use with your existing tubing, Orbit DripMaster 67431 is a valuable package of 30 assorted barbs (10 plugs, 10 couplings, 5 elbows, and 5 tees), commonly used in drip irrigation systems. Each barb is approximately 1/4-inches in size. Their universal designs work well with both soaker and distribution tubing, while their durable construction offered years of excellent and reliable service.

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5. Orbit 69500

Orbit 69500 92-Piece Drip Irrigation Assortment Kit

Perfect for commercial use, Orbit 69500 is an affordable drip irrigation kit with an assortment of 92 drip accessories that work excellently. With each purchase, for instance, you get durable 1/4-inch fittings, accessories, and heads that work well in all environments. The detailed installation guide offered eases setup while the handy and refillable case that it comes with not only keeps fittings well organized but also prevents loss over time. Orbit 69500 is affordable, water saving, and contains a plethora of common accessories that work well with most types of drip irrigation systems in stores.

4. Koram IR-D

Koram IR-D Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit, 1 per 4-Inches

Instead of purchasing single drip irrigation accessories and spending a hefty amount as a result, purchase Koram IR-D to get an all-in-one distribution tubing drip kit with everything that you will need to water your garden or plants. The distribution tubing offered, for instance, is durable and recommended for spot and area watering. The precise drip technology that it uses maintains green and healthy plants while keeping water consumption low at the same time, while its ease of setup (plug and use) eliminates the need for digging and or diverse plumbing skills. Once you have laid its tubing as required, fitted its drippers, and fitted the barbed fittings offered, all you needs is a water source to create a functional drip irrigation system. You can ever automate its system using a third party irrigation timer.

3. Rain Bird GRDNERKIT

Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener's Drip Kit

A reputable brand in the drip irrigation niche, Rain Bird is home to valuable accessories that serve millions of individuals over the world well. If you are planning to delve into greenhouse agriculture or to water the plants on your lawn efficiently, this GRDNERKIT edition is one of the best. Perfect for precise watering of plants in areas measuring up to 75 feet, it is a valuable household accessory. Installation (above-ground) is simple. The diverse accessories offered, on the other hand, support both spot and area watering applications, while its compatibility with most hose end timers eases its automation.

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2. Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit

Ranked among the top 10 best drip irrigation kits in 2017 reviewed, Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ is a versatile package of 112 universal drip irrigation parts for repair and expansion projects. Even though cheap, all accessories are durable and professional-grade. The distribution tubing offered, for instance, is a long (250 foot) self-dispensing model that measures approximately 1/4-inches. Stakes and connectors are reliable, while the installation and troubleshooting guide it comes with will help you to create and maintain a functional irrigation system easily.

1. Raindrip R560DP

Raindrip R560DP Automatic Container and Hanging Baskets Kit

To get started on drip irrigation, Raindrip R560DP is our pick of the best kit to purchase in 2017. Featuring top-grade hanging baskets, and automatic container, and all other accessories you will need to create a functional system, the value offered is admirable. Installation is simple (in three steps) while the treaded tubing and timer offered are easy to hook and operate while automating your system.

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