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What are the benefits of using bath brushes over the traditional bath sponges and bath clothes that people have used over the years? If you enjoy taking long showers, for instance, and have issues scrubbing your back and other hard to reach areas, a quality bath brush will come in handy. Their long and convenient handles access the back and other hard to reach areas well for a thorough cleaning experience. They also clean better, are perfect for exfoliating the skin, and have fast drying designs that do not grow mold or mildew over time. For the best experience, buy one of these 10 models.

10. Aquasentials Deluxe Mesh Brush

Aquasentials Deluxe Mesh Brush(Color Assorted)

Featuring a large and rugged mesh surface and a long 18-inch handle that enables you to clean hard-to-reach area easily, this deluxe mesh brush by Aquasentials is a quality purple-themed bathing accessory that will serve you well for years. It is light, well balanced to ease usage further, and has a slip-resistant grip that enables you to scrub and clean thoroughly without worrying about it slipping. If you have sensitive skin, this brush has a soft and silky surface that does not scratch nor irritate the skin. It is also affordable, easy to clean, and benefits both men, women, and children.

9. Bath Blossom Shower Brush

Bath Blossom Shower Brush Long Handled for Shower with Detachable Head

An excellent purchase for men and women that want to enjoy a thorough and relaxing cleaning experience when bathing or having a shower, Bath Blossom is a versatile long handled (16.5-inches) shower brush with a durable and detachable head and soft and natural bristles that clean and exfoliate the skin well. Even though tall, this brush is light and very easy to maneuver. Its gripped handle minimizes the risk of slipping while its well-finished design and rounded bristles clean, exfoliate, and fade cellulite well without scratching or irritating the skin. You will enjoy using one. Buy an original to get a 100% Bath Blossom limited guarantee.

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8. Fuller Brush Foot & Body Brush

Fuller Brush Foot & Body Brush

Recommended for cleaning the body and foot, Fuller is a versatile 27.5-inch long long reach bath brush that invigorates the body as it cleans. It is light, well balanced, and is made of a stain-proof plastic with a well-contoured design that eases access to the back and other hard to reach areas. Bristles are stiff yet non-irritant. It fast drying design does not grow mold or mildew over time while its ability to exfoliate the skin and fade skin blemishes such as cellulite is impressive.

7. Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush

Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush (Clear Handle)

Light, aesthetic, and with a clear long-handled design that eases clean up of the back, legs, and other hard to reach areas, Aquasentials is a premium handheld bath brush with medium-soft nylon bristles that clean thoroughly without irritating the skin. Measuring 14-inches long, this one of a kind brush is sturdy and has a well-balanced design that does not require skill and or effort to use. It is also quick drying, lathers most types of soaps well, and is attainable in assorted colors (green and blue) that blend well in homes.

6. TopNotch Blue Bath Brush

ON SALE Blue Bath Brush with Long Handle. Topnotch Shower Back Scrubber

Purchase this TopNotch Brush to get a durable blue-themed bath accessory with a convenient long handle design that cleans hard-to-reach areas well. Perfect for showering, dry body brushing, and exfoliating, this budget brush is versatile. Pricing is decent while its well-balanced and contoured design works well for men, women, and teens alike. A hygienic alternative to traditional sponges and washcloths, this bath brush not only resists the growth of mold and mildew but also resists chemicals and bad odors that often plague most traditional bathing brushes, sponges, and washcloths. You get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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5. Rengora Best Bath Brush

Best Bath Brush - Natural Bristles and Long Handle presented by Rengöra - Luxurious Curved Wooden Shower Brush

Featuring comfortable natural bristles and a with a long, sturdy, and conveniently curved wooden handle, Rengora Best Bath Brush offers the luxurious and soothing skin cleansing experience that most individuals crave when bathing, showering, or exfoliating. It is unisex, scrubs efficiently to leave the skin looking clean and feeling smooth, and has a sturdy construction with well-finished joints and edges that do not fail after three or more bathing sessions. Clean-up is simple. Pricing is also decent while its fast-drying design prevents the growth of mold and mildew and odor build-up.

4. TopNotch Body Brush

ON SALE TopNotch® Body Brush - Natural Boar Bristles - Long BeechwoodHandle - Bath Shower Brushes - Great Back Scrubber - Anti Cellulite - Dry Skin Brushing

With an original TopNotch body brush, you get a durable bath accessory with comfortable natural boar bristles and a long and versatile design that is perfect for cleaning, scrubbing the back, exfoliating, and removing cellulite. The long beech wood handle that it comes with is sturdy and fits comfortably in the hand for a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. Its light design, on the other hand, is perfect for everyday travel while its hygienic design not only clean well but also dries fast to prevent odor build-up. You get a travel bag; a wash mitt, a 90-day money back guarantee, and a one-year manufacturer’s return warranty.

3. Bürstenhaus Redecker

Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush, Natural Beechwood Handle, Pig Bristle Fibers

Popular in top 10 best bath brushes in 2016 reviews, Bürstenhaus Redecker is a 19.5-inch long bath brush with a polished natural beech wood handle and a large head with soft pig bristles that clean thoroughly without irritating the skin. Considered the best-selling brush in 2016, it remains sought-after for 2017, judging by the positive reviews it continues to attract in globally. This brush works well with both hot and cold water. Its ergonomic design is easy to use while the decent price that Bürstenhaus charges is impressive.

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2. Kingsley Body Brush

100% Natural Boar Bristle Body Brush with Contoured Wooden Handle

Designed to clean and exfoliate the body without scratching or irritating users, Kingsley Body Brush is a top-grade accessory with a plethora of innovative features that make it an ideal everyday bath brush. The 100% natural boar bristles it comes with are sturdy, durable, and clean the skin well without irritation. Its contoured wooden handle is light and ergonomic while the cotton loop that it comes with eases hanging in bathrooms for faster aeration and drying.

1. Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush, Tortoise 1 ea

Top in our review, Swissco is a deluxe 16.5-inch long brush with a durable one-piece design and a light and angle handle that eases cleaning of hard to reach areas. Even though simple, this brush cleans well. It also lasts long and has high-grade components that do not irritate of harm users. For those that use bar soaps, this brush lathers well. It also retains lather longer that most comparable models and has a fast-drying design that does not grow mold or mildew.

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