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Do you have a demanding day job that requires you to wake up early in the morning? Are you preparing for an upcoming examination and looking to wake up early to read one or more topics? While sleeping early can help you to wake up early, buying an alarm clock is a practical and recommended solution for many reasons. Unlike other unorthodox techniques that individuals use, they are accurate. Their reliability is also impressive while the unique standalone designs are durable and work well in all areas of homes (and even offices) without cluttering space. Choose one of these 10 models to have a memorable experience every day:

10. iHome iBT29BC

iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging and Speakerphone

Powered by Bluetooth, iHome iBT29BC is a premium clock with an advanced dual alarm system that enables you to set two separate wake times in a few steps. Its futuristic design blends well in homes. The speakerphone offered produces a loud sound that wakes the deepest of sleepers while its high-speed USB charging system and the FM radio it comes with make it an excellent charging and entertainment accessory for individuals that travel often. You can ever stream music directly from Bluetooth enables smart devices and exploit its color-changing (Five LEDS) translucent cabinet as an accent piece in your home.

9. ECVISION Wood Clock

ECVISION Handmade Classic Small Round Silent table Snooze beech Wood Alarm Clock with nightlight

Are you tired of the boring plastic clock in your home that dampens rather than improve the outlook of your nightstands? To get a functional alarm clock that scores high in the looks department, this wooden ECVISION model is the best. Handmade using premium beech wood (with a light wood grain) it is durable. Its compact rounded design does not clutter personal space while its silent arms and mechanical system, in general, does not irritate users nor impair sleep as traditional analog clocks often do. The ringing alarm that it generates is loud and immersive, while its in-built dark light and convenient battery powered system (1.5v AA) appeals to travelers.

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8. DreamSky Alarm Clock

DreamSky Large Display Dual Alarm Clock With AM or FM Radio ,Battery Backup ,Sleep Timer And Snooze , 2 Dimmer Optional

Perfect for home use, DreamSky is a contemporary looking alarm clock with an easy-to-read large display design, an easy to setup dual alarm system, and a digital AM/FM radio that you can use to entertain indoors and outdoors. The adjustable brightness settings offered makes it one of the best clocks for use during the day and at night. The snooze and sleep timer (10-90 minutes) offered work well while its convenient dual alarm system allows you to set two different wake times without compromising its accuracy. DreamSky Alarm Clock is affordable and has a convenient dual powered system (AC adapter and backup battery (2 AA) that works well, come rain or shine.

7. Emerson CKS1708

Emerson CKS1708 Smart Set Radio Alarm Clock

Featuring a smart two-in-one (alarm clock and radio) design that retails cheap in stores, Emerson CKS1708 is among the most recommended products in this niche courtesy of its feature-rich design. Apart from its accurate clock, for instance, you get three alarm modes (weekends only, every day, and weekdays only) that you can customize based on your needs. The digital audio offered stores up to 10 stations while its large 1.4-inch LED display is not only large but also has a stylish blue backlit system (with a three-level dimmer) that is easy to read in all light conditions. Other notable attributes are its auto setting system that improves accuracy and USB output (5V) for charge mobile phones.

6. Sony ICFC1

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio, Black

Instead of waking to the chirping of birds or the sound of cocks, purchase Sony ICFC1 to wake up to a buzzer, a radio, or a gradual wake alarm whenever and wherever you like. Its black body is aesthetic and designed to blend well in all environments. Setup is easy on most standard outlets (AC) while the backup battery it comes with keeps it working in the event of an outage. The digital radio offered and its premium speaker system produce immersive sound while its large screen is clear and has an adjustable brightness control that improves its suitability for use during the at night and or during the day.

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5. ZHPUAT Morning Clock

ZHPUAT Morning Clock,Low Light Sensor Technology,Light On Backligt When Detect Low Light,Soft Light That Won't Disturb The Sleep,Progressively Louder Wakey Alarm Wake You Up Softly.Color White

Featuring an advanced sensor technology that works well in low light environments, ZHPUAT is an acclaimed morning clock with an aesthetic white body and a clear screen that does not disrupt sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper, this alarm clock has a novel progressive alarm technology that will get you out of your sheets in an instant. Snooze lasts for five minutes while its adjustable date and time formats and the temperature monitoring function buyers get has made it a sought after product in this niche. Even though ZHPUAT Morning Clock lacks a radio function, it is affordable and has a portable battery powered design (3 AAA) that you can travel with effortlessly.

4. Electrohome EAAC475

Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm, 1.2 LED Display for Smartphones & Tablets (EAAC475)

With this Electrohome EAAC475, you get an aesthetic (blue LED) alarm clock and radio combo with a bright time projection feature that beams on walls. Featuring an automated SelfSet technology, its accuracy is admirable. The USB charging technology offered benefits individuals with smart devices such as phones and tablets, while its dual alarm system works well for roommates that want to wake up at two different times of the day. The large LED display offered (1.2-inches) is legible from all angles and its digital radio powerful and designed to remember up to 20 of your favorite radio stations.

3. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light

Are you tired of showing up late to work and or school because of the poorly designed alarm clock in your possession? Renowned for its accuracy and reliable, this digital alarm clock from RCA will improve your experience significantly. The single alarm system offered, for instance, is loud. The nightlight offered has a dedicated on an off button for easier operation. Screen, on the other hand, is a large and bright 7-inch model; while the alarm indicator and large snooze button (full-width) it comes with better the experience of users.

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2. Sonic Alert SBB500ss

Sonic Alert SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sonic Alert SBB500ss is a loud turbocharged clock with an advanced dual alarm system and an integrated bed shaker that double its waking power. Attainable in black, it is aesthetic. The pulsation alert light it comes with creates a stimulating light show that betters its effectiveness while its adjustable tone and volume settings enable users to customize its performance without compromising accuracy. Many individuals also appreciate its explosive red characters, built in snooze diffuser, and a backup battery that keeps it working in the event of a blackout.

1. Electrohome Alarm Clock

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock with Battery Backup and Audio Input

A popular accessory among individuals of all cadres, Electrohome is a feature-rich projection alarm clock with an audio input for streaming music and a battery backup that keeps it working it the event of a blackout. The 3.6-inch LCD screen offered is large, clear, and dimmable to suit the brightness preferences of individuals of all cadres. The temperature and time projection features offered create a stunning display on ceilings and walls while its auto-adjusting systems maintain the accuracy of its clock and therefore alarm settings. Order one to get a digital tuning AM/FM radio that you can use to entertain on demand.

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